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Looks good. However, this really wants to be in a deck with blue where the protection from blue actually works against you.
Posted By: alzabo (6/3/2013 6:40:27 AM)


Seems like a good card against blue. The untap ability for free also is not to be underestimated. Besides combat tricks floating around, if you miss your land drop and have a mana creature, this can ramp +2 mana in a turn. Float forest tap bird, return forest untap bird, play same forest float 1 more mana and tap bird.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/14/2013 7:31:56 PM)


Super secret tech
for my Azusa Deck.
Posted By: YerpyMoose (1/21/2014 11:32:51 PM)


opponent: i'm gonna use wasteland on your savannah..
me: i'm just gonna flash in scryb ranger aaand bounce up that savannah in response on that *grin*

it does everything this little fairy. it can ramp a little mana on its own but combos very well with alot of creatures, i.e. knight of the reliquary and mana-dudes to get some kind of land/or insane mana ramp. it can fool your opponent into attack or play a spell when you are seemingly tapped out..

it is a green flier, a rarity in green.. with flash and it has prot blue, which helps out against i.e. delver and jace

don't forget that you can use the ability each turn, your turn and your opponents turn :)
Posted By: Anthonny (2/17/2014 6:21:45 AM)


Turn 1: Cavernof Souls name elf, Heritage Druid.
Turn 2: Llanowar Elf Elvish Pioneer, put a forest into play tapped. Play a forest from your hand, use heritage druid and the two new elves to play elvish archdruid.
Turn 3: Tap elvish Archdruid for 4 green, play scryb ranger, bounce a forest, untap arch druid, tap again for 4 more green and go to six, play the forest from your hand, tap cavern and forest to go to eight mana, then craterhoof behemoth to give all your dudes plus 6/6 till end of turn and attack for 32.
Posted By: Bob111634 (2/21/2014 10:51:43 AM)


I think this is still the cheapest non-rare creature with at least four abilities. Time Spiral was such a great block.
Posted By: OlvynChuru (6/8/2014 9:37:53 AM)


One of my favorite cards. Fun, flexible, practical.
Posted By: car2n (6/9/2014 7:56:44 PM)


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