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@22: Esper Stole those colors. This predates that set by quite a bit...unless you're trolling. Then yes, Esper is artifacts.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (1/22/2010 5:34:03 PM)


Not to be confused with Zur an Enchanter.
Posted By: Mode (7/14/2011 5:29:15 AM)


I started hating this card after I saw this one on my opponents EDH-general...
Posted By: Bursama (1/9/2011 10:26:12 AM)


I use this in EDH and it very rarey fails me. The main problem you're going to face with this deck is removal, but there are ways around that; Robe of Mirrors or even Angelic Renewal for Wrath of God-like cards. In terms of your own removal, you can search for Oblivion Ring, Pacifism, Journey to Nowhere and Seal of Doom with Zur.

To protect your life, I mainly use Ghostly Prison or Island Sanctuary (it doesn't matter if you're not drawing, as most cards will be found by Zur). I also use Soul Barrier to slow opponets down a bit/do some shocking.

Finally, you want a good win condition. I usually use something like Luminarch Ascension or make Zur more offensive with Steel of the Godhead. (If any important enchantments are destroyed, I can ... (see all)
Posted By: rufflmao (4/7/2010 9:38:46 AM)


One crazy general for EDH format.
Posted By: Yuyuko (11/20/2008 9:03:01 PM)


i think he is awesome in a control deck
Posted By: caosleyton (2/3/2009 12:15:37 PM)


Thats funny... every time I see Zur they go for
Necropotence or Phyrexian arena
Solitary Confinement
Greater Auramancy
and Vanishing on Zur.
Its really quite irritating.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/11/2011 12:23:13 PM)


Possibly one of the best EDH generals of all time.
Posted By: Ubertoast (6/7/2009 3:28:36 PM)


Really needs to be banned in EDH. Even with the french list he's still obnoxious (assuming they're running a generic blue control deck, with undermine / charm slapped in). Counter counter counter, Zur, counter your removal spell, swing, bust out an answer. 1v1, I mean.
Posted By: Kamahl_FoK (7/19/2011 10:11:14 AM)


My typical EDH games with Zur go like this, assuming I get to attack with him first:

Turn 1: Pacificy his commander
Turn 2: totem armor
Turn 3: Underworld Dreams
Turn 4: Let's be honest, I've pretty much won by now.

I just wish I had an invulnerability. I also stuck Lost Auramancers in there. Maybe I should add Eldrazi Con***ion so when they die I can stick it on Zur.
Posted By: D0UBLE_A (12/13/2010 8:28:10 PM)