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This set did a great job of mixing up aspects unique to certain colors. Great card all around, especially early on.

Fumble up all your enemies combos and 0-1 drops.
Posted By: Deepfried-Owls (5/23/2011 12:16:36 AM)


good turn one or turn two spell
Posted By: use643 (12/4/2011 11:36:54 AM)


Modern sideboard staple in any deck that runs white.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (7/4/2012 9:36:50 AM)


I love the concept of this card, so I picked up a few. After running it however, I realized the issues this card has can sometimes outweigh the benefits rather heavily. A few of which include;

1) For starters, this card is only good in your opening hand or within your first few draws. After turn 4 or so, it becomes a dead draw very quickly.
2) It's hard to find a balance of how many copies of this to run. Because it's only useful in the very early game, you want to run enough that you have it when it matters, but run too much and you top deck it in the late game after it becomes useless, and in the kind of control deck that runs this, there will be a late game usually.

That being said, this card can easily win you the game when it gets proper use. Anything your opponent taps out to play is likely important, and this makes sure they don't get to play it.

Also, a part of me really would like to test this out in a weenie deck. I feel like it could prove effective there, because ... (see all)
Posted By: BongRipper420 (8/14/2012 9:44:24 PM)


Was playing a cube once and I tapped out to play Brion Stoutarm on turn four. My opponent had a white untapped so I thought I was safe. NOPE. I went and bought two playsets after.
Posted By: tokrazy (4/10/2013 8:55:11 PM)


I had a hilarious game of Commander where some blue deck managed to cast Enter the Infinite and Laboratory Maniac. He cantripped once...then I countered the second cantrip with this. Someone killed the maniac and he lost next turn. He's going to put SOMEthing in the deck that stops this (I mean c'mon, he drew the whole thing) but it was still hilarious.
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/1/2013 5:20:20 AM)


I don't think so!
Posted By: sparckle (7/24/2013 6:22:46 PM)


This is the timeshifted version of Force Spike.
Posted By: Zorgrath (7/27/2013 2:12:59 AM)


This is an awesome card because if you use it at the right time you can completely ruin someone's plans! One mana may not look like a lot, but if your opponent wants to play a combo that required all their mana, or all their mana + the mana for some way to protect the previous spell (a counterspell buff etc.) this can completely ruin such plans. I would HATE for this card to be played on me if I was forced to play a certain card in order to prevent losing, especially if it made me chose which way I wanted my plans to fail.
Posted By: beez1717 (8/30/2013 7:39:38 PM)


"Tell a man about Mana Tithe, and he’ll be scared of your untapped plains for a day. Show a man a Mana Tithe in a game and you’ll teach him to be scared of your untapped Plains for the rest of his life." - Gavin Verhey (Writer of Re-Constructed)
Posted By: kiseki (5/6/2014 2:15:09 PM)


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