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I fear thee not, Ancient Mariner.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (3/12/2011 9:49:38 AM)


Why's this a 2/5? It's not bad at all. *Sees mana cost is 3* Oh. Damn this card sucks. Same with Hill Giant.
Posted By: Rikiaz (3/22/2011 5:58:30 AM)


Amazing how many crappy zombies there are. Add this one to the list.
Posted By: landboysteve (4/17/2011 9:55:04 AM)


Nostalgic, but not really in a good way.

Way back when, when I got a soulless one in a booster and really wanted to make a zombie deck. Sadly, I had very few zombies in my limited card collection, so I was forced to use my scathe zombies. Even with the help they got from the warchief and the courier, they just were never good.

When warpath ghoul came out, I was really pleased cause I could take out my scathe zombies and give the zombie deck another shot (I stopped playing magic for a long time until after alara, so I missed a lot of zombie support in the interim). And now with Innistrad, I can retire warpath for Diregraf Ghoul

So I get nostalgia from this, but its not really good nostalgia...
Posted By: Arachobia (11/6/2011 6:12:26 AM)


But there are only three cards...

Not that that kind of thing would stop people like us. No sir. I'm off to go build my 36 Scathe Zombies 24 Swamps deck. Because I bought a box of random cards from a shop for fun and it had that many Scathe Zombies.

I was not happy about that.
Posted By: Lord_of_the_Real (1/28/2012 4:09:12 AM)


i love how gray ogre got scrapped after 4th edition and this guy made it till 10th edition
Posted By: omni8000 (5/2/2012 9:17:17 PM)


I have no clue why this was reprinted so many times.
Posted By: sl33tbl1nd (5/29/2012 6:35:23 PM)


3 mana for a zombie token? >_> What was wizards smoking when they made this
Posted By: Kezia (8/10/2012 3:44:36 PM)


Guys, this is how 2/2 zombies should be priced. Notice how WOTC printed Walking Corpse only twice before they had to replace it withFleshmad steed. Walking corpse is so OP. It's a burr that doesn't die to doom blade. I hope they just print scathe zombies from now on.
Posted By: Drewskithelegend (5/4/2014 12:55:52 PM)