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It makes me sad that they will likely never ever reprint this card simply because of the headaches it caused between ruling issues (see the rulings section)...that being said had astounding potential with numerous cards...such as Pandemonium or Garruk's Packleader
Posted By: tcollins (8/9/2011 2:56:25 AM)


Don't want to lose your attacking Nacatl War Pride? Pair with Reconnaissance. =)
Posted By: EvilCowKing (12/17/2011 10:59:50 PM)


The Relentless Assault won't work because the copies don't have haste and can't attack again.

What happens if I Giant Growth the Nacatl War-Pride before it attacks? Do the copies get the benefit of the giant growth? What if I enchant Nacatl War-Pride with Spirit Link? Do the copies get the benefit?
Posted By: spikesdad (1/22/2010 10:05:05 AM)


Run this with Sosuke, Son of Seshiro
Posted By: RaLuna (6/29/2010 5:10:06 PM)


Bellowing Tanglewurm.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (7/31/2011 10:33:39 PM)



Actually, extra combat phases will do almost nothing for this guy. If you look closely, you'll see that the tokens he produces in the first combat phase don't have haste, so they won't be able to attack on the second combat phase. The only thing you get with a second combat phase is a chance to make more copies with the original, unless you have some way to give your stuff haste (I'm looking at you, Urabrask).
Posted By: Lief098 (8/16/2011 8:33:23 PM)


Anything that grants extra combat phases will own with this guys.

@BarrelRoll: Actually it does. The tokens are copies of Nacatl War-Pride, they copy everything. Including mana cost.
Posted By: littlebeast (2/1/2011 8:36:15 PM)


Breath of Fury + Emblem of the Warmind = Face Beating of epic proportions.
Posted By: Keegan__ (7/26/2009 3:21:28 AM)


@xytor. I think they will stick around. Its ability creates a delayed triggered ability which triggers at the beginning of the next end step. Once the ability has triggered once, it will never trigger again, because as far as the game is concerned, it's done what it's supposed to do.

Ugh. so many triggers in one sentence...
Posted By: Pigglebee (10/12/2012 3:09:42 PM)


Nacatl War-Pride is one of the coolest cards in Magic: The Gathering, in my opinion. Everything about it makes it interesting as opposed to just bluntly powerful. A high mana cost and low power/toughness are offset by a blocker restriction that makes defending against it tricky and a massive self-cloning trigger that seems capable of ending games. The question is how to make that happen, and the War-Pride does a fantastic job balancing that potential for abuse with its overall power level (>9000 if your opponent has at least 3000 creatures).

I second the wonderful suggestions to use this with Champion of Lambholt, Sundial of the Infinite, and/or Parallel Lives.

Although Champion of Lambholt is probably the coolest suggestion for unblockability (and Bellowing Tanglewurm is pretty sweet too), Bedlam and Falter are also good options, especially with them being le... (see all)
Posted By: Ragamander (12/9/2012 2:18:23 AM)


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