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this+any really good landfall creature=game
Posted By: catowner (10/29/2010 6:08:50 PM)


If you have 8 forests out, play scape shift sac the 8 forests and grab 2 valakut's and 6 mountains do the valakut's trigger when they all come into play at the same time.
Posted By: Kirbyguy91 (1/9/2011 10:39:22 AM)


This card is wonderful in every aspect:
- the name is a pun,
- the artwork is beautiful,
- the 2GreenGreen cost makes it playable,
- the massive land sacrifice is not part of the cost, so there is no risk of sacrifice and than being countered,
- the effect is usable in several combos.
Should I dare to name a card qhich can be played with this one, I suggest Terravore...
Posted By: Paolino (1/27/2012 3:06:43 AM)


Is it possible no one knows this is why valukut is ban?
Posted By: Wisdomseyes (4/8/2012 7:41:40 PM)


One word: Urzatron. it's like a mini Primeval Titan that comes out and ensures that I have the three lands I need to set up, and I'm ready to drop an Eldrazi on the following turn, I search out an additional Tower for a nice 10 mana. I think BGW Urzatron is underrated since WU is the norm in Modern.
Posted By: WarioMan (4/15/2012 6:38:28 PM)


Look at the fishies! They're so cute! (I love this art.)
Also, this is great with all landfall effects. I particularly love it with rampaging baloths and roil elemental.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (5/2/2012 5:26:02 AM)


Run this with Amulet of Vigor, trust me. Sac those old boring lands for 4 cloudposts, and tap again that turn for 16 colourless mana! Or, if you're just looking for the landfall triggers, run it with Flagstones of Trokair. Bring all 4 in at once, legend rule kills all of them and brings in 4 plains. You've just earned 8 landfall this turn, or 9 if you played your land for the turn. So, who else wants a 19/19 Plated Geopede turn 4?
Posted By: Moldyapple (7/23/2012 10:25:29 AM)


This card. So much win comes from this card. Whether your abusing landfall with Hedron Crab or Lotus Cobra or burning out with multiple Valakut, the Molten Pinnacles, this thing wins games.
Bonus points to anyone brave enough to try and double combo this with Faith's Rewards or Second Sunrise.
Posted By: ZestuXIII (3/12/2013 8:20:13 AM)


Interesting way to get The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth out simultaneously.

If you're looking for even more landannigans, don't forget Crop Rotation, the littlest Scapeshift there ever was.
Posted By: Salient (3/23/2013 9:05:09 PM)


And with the upcoming release of Dragon's Maze this card will have another way to win games, Maze's End and this card will probably end up ruining some people's days...
Posted By: ZimmerRemmiz (3/31/2013 11:36:07 AM)