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Ha it's not like activated abilities can be made cheaper or this card could be tapped for mana or anything...
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (11/27/2012 3:46:46 PM)


I like to think the flavor text is actually referencing the untap symbol.
Posted By: Existential (2/12/2013 1:33:44 PM)


Turn 1: Breeding Pool, Arbor Elf
Turn 2: Island, Training Grounds, Pili-Pala
Turn 3: Land, Grand Architect

You now have an infinite mana combo in any colors. Use your favorite fireball, or enchant Pili-Pala with something like Arcane Teachings for instant win.
Posted By: ProsperoNight (3/9/2013 4:59:44 PM)


Mistakes. Wizards tends to make them. This was one — just look at all the combos. This wasn't a force in Standard, but in casual it causes many tables to be flipped.
Posted By: Continue (4/30/2013 10:01:04 AM)


Posted By: Reishyn (6/17/2013 8:48:42 AM)


Considering how many infinite mana combos this card is the heart of, how does it only have a 3.615 star rating (after my vote)?! At worst its a 1/1 flying for {2} that has activated vigilance for {1} or sometimes {2}, which while worse than Hovermyr isn't that bad. But with all those combos...
Posted By: EvilDarkVoid (6/27/2013 12:09:46 PM)


Ridiculously broken combos. One card with about a dozen different ways to get infinite colored mana at least in actually doable combos...
Posted By: Crimeo (11/6/2013 5:45:56 PM)