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This card is great in my Naya deck since it's made for massive life gain
Posted By: CerpinTaxt362 (8/13/2009 12:18:20 PM)


Let the opposing player try to burn him with a Shock or Lightning Bolt, then hit him with a Giant Growth or the like to help him survive the hit. The damage will still give him counters, often making the effect of Giant Growth or Groundswell permanent.
Posted By: SoulShatterer (6/29/2010 11:32:40 AM)


Stop trying to be Rockslide Elemental.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (1/19/2011 1:14:53 AM)


the only thing im concerned with this is during a scenario where you block with him and let other things go through, would he get the +1/+1 counters before he would die? or after the combat step al together. I would believe it would be before he dies because damage happens simultaneously to the best of my knowledge meaning he gets those counters as he is being dealt damage because of his trigger. If what i believe to be true than he is far better in my eyes then he ever was before, but until i finish my boss naya..hes good haha need some fliers
Posted By: wpken (5/13/2010 6:19:36 PM)


Retarded Griffin
Posted By: GengilOrbios (11/14/2011 6:51:55 AM)


standard needs more good griffins. This is too good, it is a magnit for every removale and even they don't have the removale, they wont let it grow big untill they knew they can win.
Maybe if it was resistant to removale or had flash or something...
Posted By: wolfbear2 (11/2/2009 8:29:29 PM)


good lord i wish this was a white/black card so it would fit in my deck but naya works too...
great with tainted sigil if you can manage to fit them both in the same deck
Posted By: BlackAlbino (3/6/2010 8:14:17 PM)


Pretty much ridiculous in free-for-alls. In duels, he's too slow and too risky to play; a creature that often won't block at first that can be destroyed when it gets strong is not a great idea.
Posted By: SleetFox (5/27/2010 9:38:01 PM)


@SoulShatterer: No. Read the card again. He only gets the counters when damage is dealt to YOU.

I agree that while this may seem awesome, it's kind of a lose-lose situation. If you already have a good defense set up, he just becomes a really weak 4-drop. If you don't, then you could have spent that 4 mana casting a Spellbreaker Behemoth or Mycoid Shepherd to block whatever damage was coming your way. Considering how many creatures there are that trigger effects after dealing damage to a player, it's pretty dangerous to let the damage through just to power up a creature that could still get Terminated immediately after. The flying may make it useful in some situations, but overall it just doesn't have very good synergy with a Naya deck.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/25/2010 9:52:13 AM)


reminds me of Darien
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (5/12/2012 7:29:40 PM)