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This Guy Is Great And Hybrid Costs Are Fairly Easy To Work With. Plus Hes Still A 4/4 Flier And Hes Got A Built In Threaten Doesnt Gety Much Better Than That. Plus The Art Is Wicked As Hell
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (8/10/2009 3:21:17 PM)


Strictly better than Demigod of Revenge.
Posted By: Ryuumaru (6/26/2010 4:27:49 PM)


@God_Of_Destruction: Except Dominus OWNS Demigod. He litterally owns him like property, Demigod of revenge is Dominus' slave!

In other news, Dominus, such a fantastic card. Act of Treason has converted cost 3. For those who have not gotten it yet, this guy is a flying, decently powerful and resistant, AND improved Act of Treason every one of your turns, all for 5. He can take control of any permanents and not only creatures. He is useful in any situation, plus opens up so many combos without even being Legendary Unique!

With so much power packed into a single card, expect opponents to remove him as soon as possible. His body can take a Lightning Bolt, but a Doom Blade or such... not so much. Therefore it's recommended to run him with his own Clout of the Dominus which for one more mana turns him into a 6/6 with SHROUD.
Posted By: Arachnos (2/6/2011 7:33:02 PM)


Hers. It is hers, whether you know it or not :P
"I can haz planeswalker? kthnx!"
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (6/11/2010 1:24:06 PM)


So what happens if you enchant Paradox Haze to yourself? Do you gain control of 2 permanents? If so, that's just so darn wicked. =X
Posted By: JosirisDavid (9/18/2009 9:21:01 AM)


Drop in a few Clones and voila--a Dominus of Fealty frontline...on the cheap! A wicked and wickedly useful card. A little Diplomatic Immunity (or Alexi's Cloak) and it's even more wicked >:D
Posted By: 2blu4u (11/20/2009 8:02:52 AM)


Dominus + ooze garden = 2 mana per ooze army, that kills your opponents creatures to boot, and in the normal red green colors of mana.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/24/2009 9:49:35 PM)


I agree with judgeent-day i built a red+Blue Deck with 2 in it and it backhands anyone i play(paired with clout of dominus).
Posted By: pibblz (4/3/2009 9:43:22 PM)


You can always Teferi it in.
Posted By: crenel (6/9/2009 1:25:04 AM)


Pros: Mana cost, flavor, stands up against removal, flying, ability.

Cons: Pretty weak for a five-cost red card, even if it is partially blue. I would have made it 5/4, or given it some other ability. Still, very good card.

Posted By: FiveColorFinder (6/13/2011 11:43:30 AM)