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Mark my words: That ability will eventually be called Firebreathing. It will look like...

Firebreathing Red (Red: This creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.)

The cost parameter can change between cards too.
Posted By: JFM2796 (8/18/2011 10:29:15 PM)


I have a Boros Beatdown deck with this in it. Every creature is red and white, so both bonuses apply at all times. Stick this on a Boros Swiftblade or Skyknight Legionnaire for incredible brutality. Or stick it on a Brion Stoutarm before the rules changed for lifelink. Every creature becomes a monster, and I love it.

Sure, you can say that Auras are card disadvantage and that you lose it when the creature dies, but a 3/4 Boros Swiftblade that can pump with extra mana is never going to die in combat, and if your opponent kills it, so what? You gained at least 6 life, and you almost certainly either took a chunk of their life or you took out one of their blockers (If is was a 1/1 chump, you do only gain 3, but that chump didn't block your other guys). You haven't lived until you gain 16 life in a single swing with a Swiftblade, then chuck him with Brion to kill another opponent in a multiplayer match, gaining another 8 life.... (see all)
Posted By: RJDroid (9/8/2011 12:13:45 PM)


Using an Aura like this one is begging to get 2-for-1ed, mostly by virtue of if they don't, whatever nasty doublestriking/trampling bastard you put it on is going to kill them. High Risk, Huge Reward right here.
Posted By: Guest1381794618 (11/18/2011 11:08:29 PM)


Love how this curves right up from Battlegate Mimic and Boros Swiftblade
Posted By: Paleopaladin (2/27/2012 10:28:36 PM)


Absolute gold.. Just add a gloryscale, maybe a colossal might and/or double cleave and your really ready to smash things into little bits.
Posted By: FMAfreak (9/14/2012 3:36:11 PM)


My friend calls the R/W +1/+0 ability "Shiny Firebreathing".

I call him a genius.
Posted By: Pick15 (12/22/2012 9:34:13 AM)


Mmm, Borosbreathing
Posted By: Nagoragama (3/7/2013 7:38:13 PM)


Boros Reckonerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Posted By: lorendorky (10/14/2013 9:35:13 PM)


Steel of the Godhead
Helm of the Ghastlord
Fists of the Demigod
Runes of the Deus
Shield of the Oversoul
Edge of the Divinity
Gift of the Deity
Favor of the Overbeing
Clout of the Dominus
Scourge of the Nobilis
You wanna know why this cycle of auras is my favorite EVER?
Let's say we enchant 5-color creature, I don't know, Transguild Courier, with all of these.
Here's what you get.

Transguild Courier {4}

Lifelink, first strike, double strike, trample, indestructible, flying, deathtouch, vigilance, shroud, haste
Whenever this creature deals combat damage to an opponent, draw a card.
Whenever this creature deals combat damage to an opponent, that player discards a card.
This creature can't be blocked.
All creatures able to block th... (see all)
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (3/17/2014 12:55:16 PM)


It seems pretty decent, but I wouldn't call it any better than that. Firebreathing, even red/white firebreathing, is a nice ability but has little synergy with Lifelink, while Lifelink is also pretty meh in most red/white decks I've seen. Even on a red/white creature, you're only on the upper end of the curve, not smashing it, which isn't great considering that it's hard to reliably get that without building for it.
Posted By: r2d2go (5/8/2014 11:10:19 PM)


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