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Dies to Murder
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (8/2/2012 11:20:52 AM)


Quelle carte puissante. L'arrivée en jeu de Ghastlord of Fugue signifie le début de la fin pour l'adversaire. C'est la carte auquel tout mon deck ROGUE tourne !
Son coût est ridiculement bas, 5 manas pour une 4/4 imblocable et une capacité difficile à gérer, c'est à dire choisir n'importe laquelle cartes de sa main et lui faire retirer de la partie. N'importe lequel deck bleu et/ou noir axé sur les attaques sans pitiés devraient avoir Ghastlord of Fugue. J'imagine aussi qu'un accélérateur de mana est bienvenue ici, jouer dès le quatrième voir troisième tour, c'est la victoire assuré ou presque.
De plus, elle est peu coûteuse en magasin. 5 $ CAN, c'est donné à mon avis :-)

4.5 / 5

Posted By: Pyres (6/23/2009 5:09:06 AM)


Is there any sane reason why this guy is only five mana, and double-colored at that?
Posted By: MrPink343 (10/1/2009 12:11:52 PM)


The exile ability is wasted on an expensive creature like this. Dark Ritual -> Hypnotic Specter was such a menace because it started attacking an opponent's hand before they had the chance to use almost anything from it. Fixed-rate repeatable effects like this need to come down early or they don't work well.

This guy is by far the worst of his cycle.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/3/2011 7:50:51 AM)


TERMINATE him and let Demigod of Revenge rule all of the spirit avatars...
Posted By: God_of_Destruction (6/27/2009 11:31:38 PM)


no frenchies haha jk
Posted By: Omenchild (12/31/2009 9:23:38 PM)


Is it in A minor?
Posted By: Gako (1/27/2012 10:20:35 PM)


Wow, this is harsh. Low, flexible cost, paragon effect which combos with a second great effect, which in turn can be used to prevent it from being killed by blowing up any cards that would hurt it before they ever hit the field. And a ghost that was never alive is just plain cool no matter what.
Posted By: GradiustheFox (2/11/2010 3:37:34 PM)


Underestimated card from the spirit avatar cycle, just 1 hit from him can completely wreck your opponents strategy, and hes fun to use.
Posted By: Revelation666 (5/15/2010 3:26:25 AM)


Plasma Elemental is now officially junk
Posted By: Hibron (6/3/2010 9:33:44 AM)