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3 creatures for 2 mana? This guy is unbelievable. Goblin Bombardment's best friend.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (9/21/2011 6:13:47 PM)


This card is better than Dragon Fodder, for the reason the next turn if the person attacks, well you can block with this and get another token... Though... In a token deck I rather run Dragon Fodder, since with Parallel Lives I get straight away 4 tokens that CAN attack next turn, as this stalls for Token decks... But this in Goblin deck is 100x better.
Posted By: JungaThunda (2/19/2012 6:47:51 PM)


Turn One: Moutain, Skirk Prospector
Turn Two: Mountain, Mogg War Marshal, sacrifise Mogg, play Brightstone Ritual, summon Goblin Chieftain, attack for solid 8 on round two, serious damage considering the game progress, which could bring you a fine position for following turns (the game will probably end in your favor on turn three or four, unless your opponent will come with something unpredictable, like Hulk Flash combo)

not considering options that you have in your hand another Mogg, Ritual, Chieftain or whatever (you can see I'm not mentioning popular Goblin Piledriver; well, that's because not everybody, including me, could afford set of these for about 70-80 $...)

simple and effective, of course you can imagine way better scenarios with goblins, but these "senzational combos" would happen occasionally in comparison to the simple ... (see all)
Posted By: FrankieGeah (10/1/2012 6:43:30 AM)


A *MUST* if you go with Quest for the Goblin Lord. If you neglect the echo cost, you get another token, which means a 3rd counter for Quest for free. Now you're only a dragon fodder / krenko's command away from a +2/0 anthem. :P
Posted By: spartanvi (10/11/2012 1:19:10 AM)


Can be tutored with Goblin Matron or Boggart Harbinger. Can be raised from the grave with a number of cards. Combos with Knucklebone Witch, Boggart Shenanigans, Warren Weirding, and Quest for the Goblin Lord. Most importantly it gives you extra fodder for a turn without subtracting a token.
Posted By: MRK1 (12/2/2012 12:59:50 AM)


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