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You know, at first glance I thought it was an Un card.
Posted By: PhyrexianLobbiest (7/7/2010 6:21:43 PM)


I love that it's a Legendary Creature-Phelddagrif. :D
Posted By: dummy2205 (6/27/2011 4:54:56 PM)


everyone's favorite winged purple hippo.

rain of gore only works on lifegain sources controlled by the opponent. otherwise it would be the most broken card ever
Posted By: BambooNickel (10/23/2009 7:03:07 AM)


Not as good as his questing compatriot, especially now that the bounce ability can't be used with damage on the stack. Trample ability is the only thing questing phelddagrif covets, but since it just gives only trample, it obviously means less 1/1 hippos than a repeatable pump effect. And in most cases, giving him flying would make trample superfluous anyway.
Posted By: bobothegoat (6/17/2009 3:52:33 AM)


Why am i talking about Chewbaca? That doesnt make sense. None of this makes any sense. :3
Posted By: Crag-Hack (8/8/2011 1:26:44 AM)


i bet the artist was high.
Posted By: O0oze (6/16/2013 10:01:00 AM)


@Todzik: If your opponent has Leyline of Sanctity out, this card's abilities can't be used at all.
Posted By: Dream_Spinner (2/24/2011 6:34:26 AM)


if combined with something like rain of gore though...

thatd be pay (w), 2 dmg to opponent!
Posted By: spoonish (7/26/2009 1:57:50 PM)


Okay, so you use Bazaar Trader to donate this to your opponent, along with something that makes white mana. Then, you set up the Mindslaver + Academy Ruins combo with Grand Architect to speed it up and get out a Drogskol Reaver. Then, once they're locked under the Mindslaver, have the opponent use Phelddagrif's white ability (choosing you as the opponent) to make them use their mana to gain you life AND draw cards! It's totally Legacy worthy!
Posted By: Superllama12 (6/9/2012 4:11:43 PM)


I have multiple personalities. I am my own enemy!

No, Im not crazy. Everyone has these voices, right?
Posted By: LordOfTheUniverseMCS (6/29/2013 12:35:23 PM)