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got a deck waitin for this.
Posted By: davidhuman (4/26/2009 11:50:40 AM)


ny play group already hates this card, made my b/r deck right after we got back from the release events. truly an underrated card
Posted By: LeGaCy_13 (6/11/2009 6:25:53 PM)


don't like that hits me too
Posted By: Stoo (4/27/2009 8:18:08 AM)


No need to make this an Instant. They just wanna be able to raise the freaking Casting Cost.
Posted By: AXER (1/10/2010 4:32:17 PM)


Its a bit of a trade off imo... the 3BR makes it less playable than Lava Axe but its at instant speed, which is always nice. i like Malfegor himself. He's pretty cool and i wouldn't mind burning people with his fire as opposed to lava axe. Running four of each in a B/R burn deck is absolutely deadly
Posted By: ChampionofSquee (7/31/2010 11:17:45 PM)


Actually, this trumps lava axe in that lava axe is a sorcery and this is an instant. :D which means you can throw it on the stack and end the game if someone were about to gain any life during their turn. :D
Posted By: cadenblade (9/17/2009 9:22:50 PM)


Nice card, but the flavor text is the best thing going here. Clearly made woth Vorthos in mind.
Posted By: MrPink343 (10/27/2009 1:17:09 PM)


The idea I see here is you can use it on planeswalkers for some quick removal. It's true though that without multiplayer its just sort of a lava axe replacement, which makes it no better than regular lava axe without extra opponents on the field.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/9/2009 1:40:07 PM)


A really fun thing to do is get two of these and two Quest for Pure Flame's in your hand during a multiplayer game. Play the QfPFs, and then hit of BoM number one. Assuming enough players, that should put enough tokens on the Quests (and if not just use other minor burns to make up the difference). The following turn (or even the same one if you happen to have the mana), sac both Quests and hit out the second Breath, doing 20 damage to each opponent's face on top of the 5 already dealt.
Posted By: Chosen_of_the_Dark_Sun (2/16/2010 2:16:39 AM)


This funny to use with Hive Mind.

In multiplayer of course.
Posted By: Qazior (3/25/2010 1:10:17 PM)