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Points for having some of the creepiest art in Magic.
Posted By: chrishocker (3/10/2010 10:44:50 AM)


I can't wait to use this with Tainted Sigil. Draw until your almost dead then sacrifice Tainted Sigil and gain all your life back.
Posted By: Ellwynd (5/2/2009 11:09:58 AM)


Play this, draw down as low as you're comfortable with, sacrifice Tainted Sigil all while Sanguine Bond is in play.
Posted By: MightyMortox (8/5/2009 6:13:05 AM)


How does this work with Oracle of mul daya?

You've cast Ad Nausem and are in the middle of drawing cards. If the card on top of your library is a land card, can you play it and keep on drawing cards if the oracle is on the battlefield?
Posted By: Wraique (8/12/2010 7:38:24 AM)


like it more than moonlight bargain
Posted By: inmypants22 (8/26/2009 3:28:15 PM)


In an Esper deck with 4 Platinum Angel's this means gameover for most people.
Posted By: ColossusofSardia (8/6/2009 1:40:10 AM)


Angel's Grace (tehe). Seismic Assault (also tehe)
Posted By: Rakdos_Ninja (6/7/2009 5:06:58 PM)


Platinum Angel
Ad Nauseam most of your deck
Sacrifice Children of korlis

If you have boon reflection and cradle of vitality it's even better. you'll probably end up with life in the triple digits and if you have a creature in play, a creature with +xxx/+xxx. Spark Elemental works best as it's the cheapest source of trample I can find.
Posted By: DarthExecutor (7/8/2009 2:15:35 PM)


Ad nauseum decks ( the ones with cheap {B}{R} burn/discard and death's shadows ) could have easily become one of the better T1 decks in standard but was simply overlooked early on and not really looked into until too late.

@ Wraique :
You do realize you can just use ad nauseum to draw the land and then just play it from your hand for the same end result.
Posted By: BlackAlbino (10/9/2010 10:11:59 PM)


lol the guy's like: "cant you see i have no hands, i cant pick up the papers". black needs more art lke this, check out plague spitter.

also please reprint these in core set, since reprinting Necropotence seems far fetched at least give us these, its just so much pure and core FUN, that i dont care for the life loss, even if i lose to a lighting bolt. GIVE US THESE BACK ON STANDARD, REPRINT IT ON M12 PLEASEE !
Posted By: Tobolococo (2/18/2011 6:31:13 AM)