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LOL @ Mode. Yet another of Wizards' many "OH ****" moments.
Posted By: surewhynot (6/12/2010 12:18:47 AM)


My favorite Swerve moment: retargeting an opponent's Enslave. He "gained control" of his own creature, and slowly bled out.
Posted By: MisterAction (6/3/2011 1:23:45 AM)


My favourit card from the set, if not the block. Having an opponent tap out for Time stretch then getting three turns is the most fun ever. Great as a suprise, also the Fear of it can cause people to have to play around two untapped lands.
Posted By: grayseeroly (6/9/2009 6:46:53 PM)


i told a girl about this card and i got laid
Posted By: AlunJaceImpostor (5/1/2011 5:27:28 PM)


The perfect card to deal with people who both run removal and cards with hexproof. Can't target that Geist of Saint Traft? No worries, you can do it for me!
Posted By: thexmanlight (10/10/2013 3:15:34 PM)


ResaOkand: I don't believe it would affect your opponent, given that the original spell is for "target opponent" making the person who cast it an illegal target. However, that wouldn't stop it from causing Cruel Ultimatum to be targetting an illegal target, thus fizzling. Having said that, a Negate or Cancel could do the trick just as well saving Swerve for something more versatile, like those Blightnings which are everywhere right now. You spend 1 card so that they lose 3 (Blightning + 2 discards)? Too awesome.

On another note, I was considering making a WUb control deck to try and combat the Jund juggernaut, but this card makes me sad. Do I splash red and dilute my mana base for something with such awesome card advantage, or do I stick with the original WUb plan and just keep the counters that break even? Decisions decisions.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (10/29/2009 1:07:12 PM)


I played this at a draft when shards first came out and swerved a blighting back at some old guy. He almost cried.
Posted By: GreenManTenTons (10/7/2009 9:31:51 AM)


So Lets say you play a card and someone counters it. You play swerve, making the counterspell target the only other thing targetable, swerve. What happens? If swerve gets countered then the counterspell would go back to it's original target, but the counterspell was already used on swerve, and you cannot have the same affect happen twice without a card specifying it can. Can anyone explain? I'll give you a cookie.
Posted By: jsttu (1/22/2011 1:07:02 PM)


First Of All The Art Is Insanely Good And It Is Fun To Play
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (8/3/2009 11:18:29 PM)


i love this card more than any card ever. someone trys to pacifism you star creture . pfft you pacify there star creture .

so many possiblity for massive card advantage . swerved someones goblin grenade back him the other day , he ended up having to use some *** white counter spell which only counters spells which target him on himself .

i lost swerve

he lost 1 goblin , one goblin greanade, and one counter . and his will to live
Posted By: Mindbend (1/12/2010 6:11:37 AM)


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