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I have no real problems with the card, but they did not even attempt to homage the original Morphling. Would it have killed them to paint two huge humanoid critters covered in thorns?
Posted By: RJDroid (2/1/2009 11:23:52 AM)


The art of this card infuriates me. Here's what's wrong.

1. The art is not consistent with Morphling or Torchling. This could have been a really cool, really collectible cycle, but it is ruined by this art.

2. The art doesn't make sense with the card. If we look at the card's power and toughness, 4/4, and then the size of the monster, some inconsistencies are reached. Take Wooly Thoctar for example. Woolly Thoctar does not tower over the trees around it, however it has a power of 5. Granted, The Thornling has the capacity to get bigger, but it starts out as a 4/4. So assume the illustration represents the Thornling as large as it can be on its own, a 7/1. Now, the Fusion Elemental, an 8/8 should be larger than the Thornling right? According to its power and toughness it should have a larger body than the Thornling, but it doesn't.

3. Furthermore, power/toughness art discrepancies aside, this doesn't look like a 'ling at all. It's too huge to be something called 'ling. (see H... (see all)
Posted By: nususu (1/30/2009 3:15:36 PM)


I rather they make the first ability to " G : Untap Thornling ".

Green are known for untapping stuffs.
Posted By: JosirisDavid (1/16/2010 4:29:18 PM)


The haste ability is retarded...
The other 4 are OK...
all in all... fine card...
Posted By: bugi1986 (4/18/2009 4:46:43 AM)


The problem with this guy is that the abilities make mostly no sense.
- haste. makes sense only the turn it comes into play, and only once. any time later it is a dead ability
- trample. sure, good ability, but again: beeing able to activate it multiple times makes no sense
- indestructible. same as trample. apart from beeing able to use it in response to someone trying to kill it in response to the first activation

Yes, in theory, it could be a 7/1 indestructible trampler with haste. But then he'd cost.. uhm... 5...8.... 11 mana. Not worth it.

The guy is all in all a fine card, but blows compared to the original Morphling, and is even worse than torchling. It's ok in casual decks, but else sucks.
Posted By: majinara (2/6/2009 5:07:26 AM)


The Artwork Is *** Awesome And Hes Pretty Strong The Haste Ability Is Total Garbage Though Switch It With Reach Its More Fitting With Green. But Its Hard To Construct A Deck Wiith This Guy Other Than With Blach Wood Armor.
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (4/29/2009 3:38:06 PM)


Ugly to the extreme. Make a promo with rk post art.
Posted By: Shazzeh (2/1/2009 9:25:25 AM)


My prediction for the next in the 'ling cycle:

Muckling 3BlackBlack
Shade Shapeshifter
Black Untap ~.
Black ~ gains Intimidate until EOT
Black ~ gains Hexproof until EOT
1 ~ gets +1/-1 until EOT
1 ~ gets -1/+1 until EOT
(because we can't have an efficient black creature, can we? :-P)
Posted By: OmegaSerris (9/22/2011 7:56:26 PM)


At a first glance, Thornling is just an okay card. But then you have to realize something:

7/1 isn't its full potential.

If you pay the 1 green, its indestructible, meaning it won't be destroyed if you do the +1/-1 ability more. Build it up to an 8/0, 9/0 10/0, etc.

Unless there is something in the rules that says something about it, as long as it is indestructible, it wont die if it has 0 toughness, meaning it can have more power.
Posted By: Procrastinate (2/22/2009 3:57:37 PM)


The art is horribly ugly. Nuff said.
Posted By: FreakyM (2/1/2009 5:48:55 AM)


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