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I hate this card. Only because its so good. I have a friend who has 2-3 of these in his red-black deck. Once he gets it out unless or until i get some removal it usually takes 5-6 points of life. Then his megrims and and discard focused cards takes care of the rest. spirit breaking...
Posted By: drama_geek (5/23/2010 8:36:22 PM)


Spiteful Visions seems like a nice, more flexibly-costed alternative to Underworld Dreams that work quite nicely with this guy. Granted, the Visions will be damaging you too, but with the Parasite out, your opponent will burn quicker than you will. As for the card itself, I like it!
Posted By: Cubozoan (5/31/2010 6:53:06 AM)


A walking Underworld Dreams. : )
Posted By: Duskdale_Wurm (6/14/2010 7:58:20 PM)


This was posted in Shocker's discussion tab by Ragamander:
"Silly synergy with Kederekt Parasite.
I can just imagine a turn one Kederekt Parasite, turn two Shocker, and turn three Megrim + attack for m***ive, m***ive pain, provided that there's no blocker for your Shocker. Could be an instant kill if they're playing a slow deck.

That's some silly synergy alright, juuust saying... and with Lilliana's Caress instead of Megrim, you could even cast a second Parasite on your third turn. Blightning could go well with that, as well as Barbed Shocker and some regular burn to clear blockers.

As for my own opinion, I've only recently come to realize how potentially devastating it is. It's easy to kill, yeah, but in the right deck, it can definitely be scary. Sweet artwork as well, 4.5/5

EDIT: okay, scratch Blightning. It's a sick card, but... (see all)
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (10/10/2010 2:21:40 PM)


Just me? or does this look like a zergling with a hydralisk head?
Posted By: Critiquer (10/16/2010 2:36:27 PM)


You could play him Round 1 with Crimson Kobolds & co. to deal damage from the start ^^
Posted By: Buderus (3/12/2011 1:54:56 PM)


I think anyone who has seen this card in action knows that it can be brutal. In a sense it gives you continuing utility out of cards like Blisterstick Shaman or even Manic Vandal.
Posted By: Fearsomecritter (7/16/2012 2:17:23 PM)


I don't think this creature is that big. If you notice the angle of the image is from below, making the creature seem bigger. Notice how large the doors are in the background, this indicates that the creature is actually small.
Posted By: wholelottalove (11/5/2012 11:57:26 AM)


I wanted to point out that the art was probably made for another creature and simply used for this. The skulls it has on it's spines are (probably) human/elf, and small by comparison to the rest of it's body. Meh.
Posted By: blurrymadness (3/31/2013 11:05:34 AM)


Perhaps the organisms in Grixis are just really freaking huge
Posted By: Demonic_Math_Tutor (7/3/2013 9:19:11 AM)