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Maybe I'm an idiot, but it's been a while for me and I'm a bit rusty. Hopefully someone could clarify this for me: if an opponent plays Feast of Blood while he has two vampires on the field and in response I Lightning Bolt one of the two vampires he has, his spell should still resolve normally despite him being down to one vampire now, correct?

Since "Cast" = "Play" ("Play Feast of Blood only if you control two or more vampires"), and at the time he cast/played Feast of Blood he had two vampires, the spell should still resolve even if he loses both vampires after having cast/played Feast of Blood but before it resolves, correct? The spell's already been CAST while he met the condition to cast it; it's now just waiting to RESOLVE?

At least, that is my understanding. Perhaps I'm wrong or off on this, but my train of thought is that he no longer has to have two or more vampires in his control AFTER he's cast the spell but before its resolved. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong... (see all)
Posted By: Last_Of_The_Order (10/19/2009 11:28:16 PM)


Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/27/2009 5:13:20 PM)


I think it's a very well balanced card. Sure, it might be a dead draw sometimes, but if it is, you're not playing a full vampire deck (which is what Wizards is intending with this card). As for Last_Of_The_Order's question, yes, the spell will already have been played by the time you can kill a vampire in response. So there is no way to stop it once the spell is declared.
Posted By: ScissorsLizard (10/31/2009 1:23:36 AM)


Is anyone else somewhat disturbed that it can target black? As a cheap black removal with a nice kick back, and as a vampire tribal card, you'd think it would be only non-black/non-arifact creatures... As it stands I think this card is overpowered, it's only drawback is that it's a sorcery. If you consider the combos available in a pure vampire deck and all the cards intended to fill such a deck this card almost carries the tribe. If anyone can name such a cheap unpredudical removal for mono black I would love the reference. The protection against removal that black has always flauted is moot vs. a deck sporting 4 if these...

Too niche.... Unrealistic flavour.... Too cheap... And simply too powerful...

Thank god it isn't an instant..
Posted By: Rode (2/20/2010 2:27:11 PM)


Since I saw this card on the Zendikar list it has upset me greatly. The design is flavorful and probably makes Vorthos clap, but insults Johnny, Spike, and probably Timmy though I haven't thought about how on the latter. The Johnny in me is insulted because he's not allowed to find uses outside of a Vampire-centric deck. The Spike in me is insulted because it's a dead draw in some very likely situations. The Vorthos in me is cheering the art and the evocative feel of sending his Vampire minions to feast on the blood of another, but is also slightly confused as to why he needs any Vampires at all to profit from the life blood of another planeswalker's creation if he's a got black mana to syphon with. Cards like this want to invoke a particular feel, and this one accomplishes that through everything except its first line of text. As Last_Of_The_Order correctly assumes, the templating for this card makes it pathetically uninteractive and boringly niche.

Tap target creature and gain li... (see all)
Posted By: Guest686042655 (10/23/2009 8:44:37 AM)


The problem here is that it's a sorcery.
Posted By: touchdown (9/27/2009 8:51:20 PM)


So almost good, it really should be one vampire, and two life.
Posted By: Lestat13 (9/26/2009 3:18:39 PM)


Not that hard to have 2 vampires, but the time you need creature destruction the most is when you don't have them.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (9/28/2009 3:33:15 PM)


Why cant this be tribal!!!??!?! WHY CANT THERE BE A VAMPIRE HARBINGER!??!?!?!?!?!? (Why cant this be an instant?)
Posted By: DarthKithkin (10/5/2009 9:59:33 PM)


It's a Sorcery, but that's to be expected of black removal for the most part. It is quite a large drawback for it not to be Instant removal though. Still, I'm sure it plays great in limited.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (10/6/2009 6:19:36 PM)


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