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2 Edge of divinity, a Spirit Link, and Scuttlemutt makes 17/17, not 15. Vulnerable to Wrath life effects, but all in all, amazing. especially for EDH
Posted By: ArKive (10/7/2009 8:22:17 PM)



Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/23/2011 10:44:02 PM)


Great for comboing with other naya creatures like spearbreaker and spellbreaker. As said really nice with vigor, and the various enchantments, scourge of the nobilis, runes of the deus, and shield of the oversoul, as well as auramancer's guise. You can bypass the legendary rule by using sakashima if you splash blue for bant, because sakashima's name remains the same and therefore the legendary rule never comes into effect, or mirror gallery.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/13/2009 6:52:36 PM)


@rinoh20: To trample. With deathtouch, any opposing creature can only stop one damage!
Posted By: Mata-nui3 (4/28/2011 5:53:09 AM)


Too good. Super unfun to play with or against.
Posted By: Nagoragama (1/22/2013 3:04:27 AM)


One of the most fun EDH generals ever and an amazing card in standard. This card is perfect in everyway imaginable.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (5/8/2009 4:51:01 PM)


Does anyone else nickname this guy Urinal the Pis taker? I mean look what he's doing to that mountain.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/18/2009 6:27:39 PM)


@Mata-nui3: I dont think trample and deathtouch "stack", trample alters how damage is assigned and deathtouch comes into play when damage is dealt. ie you still need to assign damage based on toughness even if deathtouch later translates 1 damage into leathal damage.
Posted By: shmnion (11/5/2011 4:40:06 PM)


Glaring Spotlight from Gatecrash has ruined Uril for me.
I will miss you, you lonely beast :(
Posted By: Albinobear43 (1/15/2013 6:41:28 PM)


I use him for only his first abilty and he still is the card that i would pick over any other 5 drop in my 5 or greater naya deck.

I usually try and play him with Vigor(which prevents all combat damage done to creatures you control and gives them +1+1 counters for each damamge prevented) or Spearbreaker behemoth(which makes creatures with power 5 or greater indestructible for 1 mana), Then he is just broken, becuase he can only be killed by combat damage of which is all prevented, then i put trample on him and its just all over.

His ONLY downfall is that he is legendary so you can only have 1 out :(
Posted By: Draist (7/5/2009 8:47:49 PM)