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Have this in my Bant deck When i get him out with Elspeth ive never lost
Posted By: LampSpinSwitch (7/26/2009 9:13:08 PM)


It is counters from the Avatar itself! on the lower right corner you add or remove counters from it, without reaching 0
Posted By: ederchan (7/31/2009 6:40:39 PM)


That avatar creature would be a beast with lifelink (or better yet, give him the Behemoth Sledge to give llifelink and trample). He'd get 2/2 stronger every turn from Ajani's first ability (or he'd gain a +1/+1 counter), and then he swings away to deal damage equal to your life (maybe higher, depending on what equipment and counters he has), and then nearly doubles his own P/T, and the fun begins again next turn.
Posted By: SocialExperiment (8/20/2009 3:26:47 PM)


Ajani is unstoppable in a white token deck. For a long time, I tried to use him just to gain life, but not really worth it. Ajani's power lays in his 2nd ability... Pump out a bunch of soldiers, give them counters AND vigilance, and attack. Team him up with Elspeth, and you have the win.
Posted By: DJcopydog (8/25/2009 3:13:31 PM)


If you can get the Avatar out and keep it alive (*cough* INDESTRUCTABILITY ENCHANT *cough*), as well as getting out a Wall of Reverence, you'll effectively double your health each turn. Not only that, but you'll double the power and toughness of the Avatar each turn thanks to that life boost.

Throw in a Cradle of Vitality, and you'll give another creature that many +1/+1 tokens for only 1W (if you're still on 20 health when you set the combo out, that's a massive +20/+20 for two mana). And that's the first turn. If they don't attack you for fear of your avatar squashing their forces, you'd be able to double your health again (from 40 to 80), and put +40/40 on a creature.

It's all theoretical and just begs your opponent to destroy your Avatar, Wall of Reverence, Indestructability enchants and Cradle of Vitality enchantment, but in a life gaining deck the avatar opens up terrifying possibilities.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (9/17/2009 2:34:59 AM)


i ask just for this.
Posted By: XXAVIOR (7/18/2009 1:57:25 PM)


planeswalker monsters
3.ajani.....but not that one
Posted By: Iiory (8/4/2009 5:39:16 AM)


My Vorthos senses are tingling: If this is the only reprinted planeswalker, they might as well have given it alternate art.
Posted By: RisingMoon (7/28/2009 2:07:44 PM)


that is a terrible ultimate...
Posted By: Ajani_is_da_man (11/22/2009 5:29:09 PM)


Honestly, the ultimate is one of those either it works and you kill your opponent or you have it chump blocked by sage owls rest of the game or bitter blossom tokens, that is if it doesn't immediately get terminated or etc first. Only time I've had someone pull off the ultimate against me I used a slave of bolas on the avatar and smacked them with it. Sarkhans ability is arguably better since even though they are still creatures, you have multiples of them so unless they all get hit by a wrath of god they are less susceptible to removal. By far goldmane's best ability is his second one, that's just amazing for aggro decks. His first ability is closely mirrored by ajani vengeant and sorin markov, and the last ability has to many ways an opponent may counter it, some being especially brutal (mind control, sower of temptation, grab the reigns, and others).

Oh, and no you're not likely to get out a behemoth sledge and shield of the righteous together (though possible), especially si... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (12/26/2009 9:08:27 AM)


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