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So...err...it's a bug now, or something? Granted, the original looked like a clothes-hanger, but still...

Regardless, I've always loved this bad boy. Flying defender for 0? Why not.
Posted By: DyadyaIstvan (7/11/2009 8:15:08 AM)


Very good card early game. Usally usefull but sometimes it can slow down your game if you draw it mid to late game. Still really good, especialy with almost any creature enchantment that boosts power.
Posted By: Silverware (8/17/2009 12:47:07 PM)


This is one of the only creatures that can kill Emrakul the aeons torn. Just give it trusty machete and basilisk collar!!!! Block with ornithopter and and laugh as your opponents emrakul dies to a 2/3 flying, deathtouch artifact. lol
Posted By: BiOhyBr (6/12/2010 5:58:56 AM)


OH, oh, oh! I must have this card. Is there really a 0 cost flying machine?
I need four of these, one of my decks is based around sacrificing creatures, and this one fits quite well. It's also based on tapping things, perhaps I should split it? At any rate, I could see this in almost any deck making things better. (Perhaps I should make a deck based on 1 and 0 cost creatures and artifacts) at any rate...

base rating: ***

cost vs stats: +*
flying vs cost: +*

final: *****
Posted By: Zoah (1/7/2010 11:40:35 PM)


Affinity deck, anyone?
Posted By: -Dangimill- (4/17/2010 9:24:21 AM)


People need to grow up.
And then need to look up what an ornithopter is......
Remember those "flying machines" from the olden days... that looked like giant wooden bat things? THAT is what an Ornithopter is... A machine that flies by use of wings in the same manner that a bird does.
This art is not an ornithopter. It is some funky zeppelin that has membranous wings (for steering I guess, since it obviously doesn't flap those...).

And one more thing:
As the eternal Queen of the Fae.... grow up. You can disagree with someone without calling them offensive names.
(here's looking at you MasterOfEtherium and your ilk)
Posted By: Queen_of_the_Fae (7/29/2009 10:29:37 AM)


mrnubnub: Is there any deck (aside from Artifact-hate) this card really doesn't fit in? It's a FREE creature. For. The. Win.
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (8/13/2009 1:10:14 PM)


I love this card. First turn with Unholy Strength makes it better. Put Sinister Strength on 2nd turn and it's a demon all of a sudden!

Always useful in any deck color as an early defender. Or as a "sac for something" creature.
Posted By: getz19 (10/3/2009 6:37:16 AM)


The Ornithopter is fierce.
Posted By: Mikezila (7/18/2009 10:18:06 PM)


A key part in a certain, not-often-seen artifact deck-type. Great with the Academy, C.P, and works wonders with a chamber of three. Tack on a Sieve, some Disciples, and even one way of recurring creatures (used to use the Caretaker, but now I just sac away, thanks to Retrievers and its myr brethren), and let fly with ridiculous amounts of life loss. Such a fun card.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (12/18/2009 7:53:06 PM)