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This guy + Dark Ascension's Stromkirk Captain and Drogskol Captain

{1}{B}{R} Other vampires you control get +1/+1 and First Strike.
{1}{U}{W} Other spirits you control get +1/+1 and Hexproof.

Unlikely, but I'm a Timmy and I want this to happen.
Posted By: ARandomMop (1/24/2012 5:53:10 AM)


I love how he can have conditional flash as well as conditional haste. Flashy hasty creatures = >:-D
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (10/28/2012 10:10:40 AM)


Eldrazi Monument FTW!
Posted By: MilfHunter (10/6/2009 12:27:04 PM)


i used to think this card was overrated. Then I played it.
Posted By: luca_barelli (9/6/2011 2:53:22 PM)


Boodghast + Skullclamp + Fastbond + f**k restricted lists = a pretty damn fast way to get a lot of mana. If your deck doesn't have many lands, then it won't work as well, but this can still be incorporated into a mono-green ramp deck.

Turn 1: try to draw, and discard Bloodghast
Turn 2: Play Fastbond
Turn 3: Play Skullclamp, bring bloodghast out and equip with Skullclamp. Draw and play 1 land, repeat until you didn't draw any more lands or your life is too low.
Turn 4: ???
Turn 5: Profit

Anything is possible in turn 4, as long as turn 1-3 worked. Not saying that i have a deck like that, because if i did, then i'd be kind of broke, and un-liked by any friend who wished to play agains this deck.
Posted By: Ferlord (9/26/2011 2:50:16 PM)


why people are writing complex red cards against this? a simple Carbonize will deal with this annoyance
Posted By: Zacklar (6/19/2011 12:02:40 AM)


this guy just does not die
attack and if opponents blocks with a 1 Toughness or a 2 Toughness creature, nice trade off... then play a land. hes back
awesome card
Posted By: Salostot (10/13/2009 11:07:56 AM)


very useful..if it could block as well, wow.
Posted By: kittyspit (10/26/2009 12:51:05 PM)


bloodghast + perilous forays + amulet of vigor + falkenrath noble = win
Posted By: Nexath_of_Kalastria (2/14/2012 6:08:08 PM)


Turn One: Swamp, Dark Ritual, Buried Alive, find 3x Bloodghast

Turn Two: Swamp (landfall), then play any cheap vampire (for example fourth Bloodghast)

Turn Three: Captivating Vampire

...because killing an opponent with your own creatures is too mainstream

Posted By: FrankieGeah (10/22/2012 6:05:17 AM)