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Communism in card form.
Posted By: surewhynot (11/2/2010 11:48:20 PM)


Why is Wizards letting Justice drive blind? I think the highways would be a lot safer if she took off the bandage. No, seriously. Whose retarded idea WAS that?! o_O
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/16/2012 12:59:42 PM)



No. She's wearing pants, with two layers of armor over top of it.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (8/31/2010 2:45:35 AM)


It's anything but.
Posted By: TDL (9/21/2011 12:26:48 AM)


This card is anything BUT balanced. In fact, it'll be more fitting to call this card "broken" than "balance."
Posted By: scorpiolegend (2/25/2012 10:01:46 PM)


Man... that card... remember that card? #%&% that card.

More broken than Time Walk. More imbalanced than Ancestral Recall. I'd rather go up against a deck with 20 Black Lotus and 20 Wheel of Fortune.
Posted By: Salient (12/20/2012 10:37:47 PM)


how rare are these FTV cards if i decide to buy from local stores instead of online?
Posted By: ph4ntom.lance (5/7/2011 6:36:02 PM)


got to love the new wording on this card, so much simpler compared to older iterations. would be great to live in a world where i didn't know of this card though...
Posted By: omni8000 (4/8/2013 8:31:25 PM)


Strangely, I played a multiplayer game once where one guy played at least two of these, and he lost.

It didn't make as big a difference you'd think. His deck wasn't built around abusing it, just around having a relatively low CMC base, I guess. He still got beaten to death in-game, since he couldn't deal with the cheapo removal popping his creatures post-casting.

Plus, it didn't deal with the bigger stuff. He did have Path to Exile, but ultimately this was just one of many scary things each of us could throw out.

Now, in a one on one, that's where it gets a bit brutal. Spells like this make you an enemy of all your opponents, and that doesn't matter when you're just staring down one person you can easily control.
Posted By: psychichobo (4/17/2013 7:20:03 AM)


Today I've made my first 11-for-1: my opponent discarded 3 cards and sacrificed 4 lands and 4 creatures, with no loss on my side. And I was topdecking. Thank you Balance.
Posted By: Thanato5 (7/22/2013 10:01:29 AM)