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Oh ma gawd. MYth1c!
Every card in FTV: Exiled is. It's just the thing to do.
Don't buy into rarity defining usefulness either. That gets old.
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (5/10/2010 4:17:20 PM)


i run 4 in every legacy deck i play.free mana acceleration! even if its only 1 for 1 turn,this card can and has swayed many games ive played and seen.great card
Posted By: millcity (3/11/2010 6:08:40 PM)


gives high tide and academy first turn kills
Posted By: high_tide_niv (5/12/2010 6:42:29 PM)


Great card. Even without the Moxes and Black Lotus, combine this with more common mana accelerators like Sol Ring, Elvish Spirit Guide and Mana Vault. With the right hand, you could cast something for 6 mana on the first turn ! I'm lucky to have started playing during Revised and managed to get about 5 or 6 of these from Tempest packs.
Posted By: kowrip (5/17/2010 1:45:25 PM)


This card makes pauper fun! Turn two wins with infect, which is a turn earlier than without. Noone knows what that extra turn could hold.
Posted By: TDCornelius (2/25/2011 3:00:32 PM)


im probly gona get flamed for this
i dont see whats so good about this card its only a third of black lutus power (Now if this came with a cantrip abilty it woud be UBER-powerd) but its card disadvatege for 1 free mana of any color once posibly good in a burn deck or a mana exel (as those normaly start going turn 3 this puts it a turn a head) i just dont like it that much
EDIT: ha i was abbot to respond to myself wehn i saw this old commet! shows how much iv come as a player, anyways this card while to ppowerfull in istelf can speed you up a turn, or do wacky storm combos ( i built a 15k deck around that idea on tappped out.net in case anyone wants to see it heres a link http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/storms-of-death/ ) not broken persay nor that big of a deal to play but its usefull
Posted By: 18scsc (2/19/2011 9:30:57 PM)


Awesome card. Play for free and you only need to tap it to get the mana you want, shame it has to be distroyed...
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (9/17/2009 6:42:46 AM)


My friends want me to use a fixed tornement structure for building my decks.
I've suggested Legacy.
I can then use 4 of these.
This will help the mana ramp of my scariest decks dramatically.
Aren't I nice?
Posted By: Spideredd (9/20/2009 4:34:11 AM)


The card is pretty good, and I'm happy to see it's been reprinted. But for gawdsake, a mythic rare ???? O.O
Definitely not a mythic, just an ordinary rare maybe.

*Facepalm* >.<
Posted By: Nuclear_Pony (4/24/2010 6:49:12 AM)



Posted By: Peaceout734 (10/31/2011 9:41:04 PM)