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Magnificent in EDH.
Posted By: tcollins (7/27/2011 12:25:16 AM)


Wait, 3BlueBlue, I've seen that before... I shuffle my library by Force of Will!
Posted By: Salient (3/4/2012 8:08:09 PM)


with infinite mana (Power Artifact on Basalt Monolith, etc) =
:Search your library for any card and put it on top
Posted By: PastProphet (3/11/2012 12:38:23 PM)


Pretty good rating on this one
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (9/4/2012 8:40:34 PM)


Blue to dig as far as I want, any time I want, with Variable Colorless for the rest of the game? Usually when someone has the means to deal with it, its already done its damage. Plus even if they spend 1Green to deal with your Blue card, you should be coming out ahead.

Plus you can tap out at the end of their turn, when there is nothing to counter. Oh yeah and this finds more counter spells too. But when you tap out all your mana base, and find nothing useful, then you use the shuffle ability + dig before your next draw.

Or dig for the 1 thing that was useful, draw it, hold mana for a counter, and shuffle + dig at the end of their turn.

Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/24/2012 1:23:09 PM)


Absolutely love this card in EDH. I have a WhiteBlueGreen Enchantment EDH deck, and this card is so amazing. Being able to essentially stack your deck with whatever extra mana you have at the end of a turn is simply amazing. Sure, Top can do the top three for 1, but this can let you do it much deeper, dredging up something potentially more useful than what's on the top 3.
Posted By: endersblade (12/7/2012 2:31:55 PM)


Epic Experiment.

My Niv-Mizzet EDH needs this badly.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (1/5/2013 3:08:05 PM)


Posted By: spartan7023 (4/3/2013 9:31:37 AM)


Anti-Letter Bomb sideboard tech.

Posted By: Surge70 (5/18/2013 4:13:33 PM)


Pay X and then use a fetch land to shuffle instead if you don't like what you are seeing :)
Posted By: Earthdawn (5/30/2013 9:44:47 AM)