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Delay payment of CMC for your expensive spell. 5/5

EDIT: Serra Avenger...so, um..yeah.
Posted By: Psychrates (2/5/2013 7:58:15 AM)


The first line should actually being with: Chapter 1...
Posted By: Claytoon (3/8/2013 4:00:11 PM)


Store mana to cast the creature next turn... it's artifact ramp :)
Posted By: Earthdawn (6/21/2013 4:09:46 AM)



The mana put in the Cauldron can only be used to cast the given spell, but you can add additional mana to a spell. This means you can pay part of the cost on one turn and the rest of it on the next turn.

Here lies the ability to charge up a lethal spell over two turns.
Posted By: jerkoid (9/4/2013 10:19:17 AM)


Pretty neat card. Let's you sink two turns' worth of mana into a single spell, letting you cast expensive spells early or super-charge {x}-costed spells. Can also be used to keep your cards safe from hand disruption, although your opponents will be able to see what you exiled.

Definitely has a home in EDH :)
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (12/12/2013 1:35:15 PM)


This card is so much fun to use, if you can figure it out.
Posted By: car2n (2/18/2014 3:10:37 PM)


@AeroSigma And, add a Omnath, Locus of Mana in a ramp deck (we'll assume) generates unused green mana from turn 3 (2 assuming you ramped right).
Posted By: judgement-harbinger (4/4/2014 9:59:44 AM)


Step-by-step of why this CAN be gangsta.
1. Cast it when you have 4 mana, then pass.
2. Activate first ability with X=5 (Exiling Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre), then pass.
3. Activate second ability (gaining 5 mana) add another 6 and destroy a permanent!

This took land-drops, only two cards and you get to keep your cauldron! Not saying sinking all your mana for three turns is good, but the result is not bad.

Or just play it, tap it with UU (exiling Counterspell) and gain a type of mana advantage for every following turn.
Posted By: Hunted0Lesser (5/18/2014 9:20:16 PM)