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I think we can all agree that 8 mana was a tad on the high side. Lower it by one or maybe two wouldn't make it broken and it's too bad they didn't because with all that flavour, synergy and power she's just a joy to use. I think they could've pushed this one and had it become a real favourite (not that she has any lack of admirers but still).
Posted By: TPmanW (4/10/2011 12:57:46 PM)


Her butt has its own set of wings. Must drink lots of Red Bull.
Posted By: blindthrall (5/11/2011 5:42:05 AM)


To help cast it for its mana cost use I mean the card Geosurge
Posted By: CommanderPwnage (7/24/2011 11:47:13 AM)


The vigilance/haste combo is awesome...that pesy {4}{R}{R}{W}{W} mana cost is a bit tought to pull off but well worth it and with her {T} ability she can swing pretty much fearlessly, if they block her, have 3 of the damage redirected back to that creature!
Posted By: tcollins (7/27/2011 11:23:10 PM)


Splendid art with good fanservice, and very good card too, despite the steep cost. Today this would cost no more than 6 mana. Such is the way of power creep.
Posted By: Bulhakas (7/29/2011 2:11:04 AM)


Oh...my...I just noticed she's swooping down on you from the top of a skyscraper....like the GOD DANG BATMAN! Ravnica may just be the best dang place to draw fanatasy creatures, spells, events, things, WHATEVER. If you are working on an art commission for MTG, and they don't specifically ask for a different kind of background, put it on Ravnica. Formula for win-sauce illustrations. Most art des criptions can be 'interpreted' to mean part of Ravnica anyway. I like the idea of Mirrodin...but I bet you could redesign Ravnica to just include a Metal District, for the missing not-a-color.

I know Wizards' normal naming convention....but here's hoping that 'Innistrad' is just a word that means something, like 'Guildpact' and it actually takes place on Ravnica. That would be the best Magic news since the History of Magic. Idea: Ravnica setting crossed with Shadowmoor concept (Plane went evil with Horror and Awesomeness) = Innistrad. Please, please, please let this be happen.
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/11/2011 8:27:12 PM)


I know it had to fit in the realm of Boros in the Ravnica block, but all things considered 3RedWhiteBlue would have been a better cost - I mean Razia is nothing more than a Lightning Angel on crack and a CMC of six would have been fair.
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (9/10/2011 10:27:44 PM)


Sword of War and Peace during its days of glory
Posted By: Qazior (10/3/2011 6:01:01 AM)


I have played Boros for a while in my angel deck using my Belbe's portal and it think people just underestimate this Angel.
Posted By: tobiecote (10/17/2011 11:03:47 PM)


3 things to address your concerns:
1. Sol ring is legal in commander...
2. So are ruby medallion and pearl medallion (Oh look at that you just cut off 2 cost and your sol ring covers the other 2 and to add to it your Agrus, Jor, and Stoutarm just came out that much faster.)
3. There are multiple lands that give first strike or double strike.
Posted By: BorosGeneral (11/17/2011 5:37:02 PM)