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This, Pongify and Isochron Scepter.
Posted By: Polkovnik_Skyfox (5/3/2011 12:05:16 PM)


3 for creature that is basically wall and can't even catch most forms of evasion? No way. There's Wall of Tanglecord for 2 if you need defence, and Goblin Gaveleer or Sunspear Shikari if you're want to equip something. Indestructible doesn't mean Invincible and i doubt that opponent would waste any removal on it, anyway.
Just compare it to ornithopter or memnite... either indestructibility on creature is worth more than 3 or it's just worst myr of the set.
Posted By: Gavrilo (10/15/2010 1:11:45 AM)


Indestructible... yeah right not worth my 3 mana
Posted By: stratoscythe (9/24/2010 1:09:13 AM)


"Ahahaha! Marit Lage!...Your turn."

"Darksteel Myr."

"That's it?"


(Player 1 then has an apoplectic fit.)
Posted By: dlgn (5/5/2012 6:23:39 AM)


Better or worse than Yavimaya Gnats?
Posted By: OMFGrhombus (9/23/2010 7:36:44 PM)


Infect Fuckin Destroys This Man It Didnt Help Me Out At All
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (9/25/2010 4:58:01 PM)


if your going to use echo circlet put it on something awesome like... Stuffy Doll...
Posted By: __Silence__ (2/12/2011 8:15:45 AM)


Cheap indestructible ceature? Gimme 4! (That's how the Simpsons say "High five!")
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (9/23/2010 5:39:33 PM)


Would be better if infect wasn't in the same set...
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (9/23/2010 5:47:25 PM)


Not the best, but still pretty interesting. I want to make a Myr deck for fun.
Posted By: Chrome_Coyote (9/24/2010 2:55:10 PM)