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@Bucket365 i was gonna tell you that youre wrong but someone else beat me to it. dont go telling ppl off when you dont know what youre talking about yourself

as far as the card ive seen it used in rdw sideboards to get passed firewalker and baloth.
Posted By: Rhunic_32 (2/7/2011 11:04:48 PM)


I laughed so hard when I read this cards effect. It does all that? Really? It gives the creature +2/+2, intimidate and they turn into a black zombie. Plus it can bring the dead back to life? And all for the low cost of 6 mana?
Posted By: OpeeFomenom (9/24/2010 7:06:04 PM)


This card and Putrefax together is just epic.
Posted By: Fategus (10/26/2010 4:10:07 PM)


@ Bucket365 Actually @Theostratus was right (if not very polite about it). The rules:

105.3. Effects may change an object's color or give a color to a colorless object. If an effect gives an object a new color, the new color replaces all previous colors the object had (unless the effect said the object became that color "in addition" to its other colors). Effects may also make a colored object become colorless.
Posted By: davidesky2 (12/30/2010 10:12:55 PM)


Putrefax doesnt work unless you want to pay 4 on your eot then 4 again at opponents eot. if you have 8 open mana there are better ways to use it! Like an Untamed Might.

use this with a couple Pawn of Ulamog s to reduce the cost.
Posted By: BioPrince (11/24/2010 12:49:13 PM)


@SeiberTross: I don't think Puresteel Paladin will allow you to pay 0 for the resurrect effect, since that isn't technically an equip cost, it's just priced to look like one. So this does combine with the paladin, but only in the same way any equipment does.

This seems like a really good card, or a lot of fun at least. Deathrender is one of my absolute favourite cards ever, and this is sort of "Deathrender Jr. (now with less horrifying brokenness)".
Posted By: Mephastopheles (5/3/2011 2:52:55 PM)


Im loveing this card with undying. Just the fact that you can bring them back over and over then just let them die a turn.
Posted By: Tunnlerat (3/15/2012 4:39:05 PM)


It looks like Cranial Plating. The equip cost is a little to high though. {2} or {3} should have been enough for it.
Posted By: NecroticNobody (9/27/2010 5:11:50 PM)


@Theostratus you are wrong about the color and creature type, the creature becomes black and is a Zombie in addition to all other colors and creature types. Guess you haven't been playing that long.
Posted By: Bucket365 (12/4/2010 9:05:23 PM)


Wouldn't the creature enter the battlefield under its owner's control? RFTG specifically says "under your control." So couldn't you pretty much "only" use this on your creatures?
Posted By: dudecow (10/2/2010 11:19:44 AM)


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