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This + Omen Machine is a hilarious combo if you get it running.
Posted By: Astronauts (9/6/2011 3:44:38 PM)


Wow, how did I miss this card? I love it! Mono-Black Control is coming back, just you wait and see.

You mistake the word "good" for the word "competitive". They are NOT interchangeable, as much as people seem to think in MTG. Just because a card is cheap (CMC-wise) does not mean it is fun to play (or play against) when it comes to kitchen table games. You know, the place MTG was born? The place you probably learned to play? Net-decking never made any friends but I'm sure it cost some people a few play groups.

Variety and "insane" combo decks are what keep this game interesting.
Posted By: OmegaSerris (9/18/2011 1:02:17 AM)


MBC / discard often has to choose between win-cons and hand control. This card provides both in a single card slot.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (10/4/2011 8:55:40 PM)


I like having this plus a few Liliana's Caress and/or Bloodchief Ascension out. "So, would you rather lose 5 life, or 6?"

@DELON: That era of Magic also had some vastly powered cards. Dark Ritual? Demonic Tutor?
Posted By: Totema (10/11/2011 4:40:51 PM)


what's better than having one of this babes on your side? having 2 of them
Posted By: suGGu (2/21/2012 11:11:36 PM)


the weakness with discard decks is that when your enemy runs out of cards and comes to the point that hes playing every card he draws and you cant make him discard thus not taking damage from your Caress.
This card fixes that weakness, after hes without cards he draws one, plays it and takes 5 damage or he dosent play it and you make him take damage with caress.

truly amazing card for the right purpose!
Posted By: Milliman (9/27/2010 11:01:06 AM)


I really like this card. It's worthy of having a deck tailored around it.
Posted By: Lord_Gravesmythe (9/26/2010 12:41:29 AM)


My friend ran it in his Sealed infect deck--now that was painful to see. *rimshot*

If nothing else, this card should help teach new players to keep excess land in hand, or that taking damage isn't that big a deal. The fact that the opponent can choose is really the death knell for the card--it's the same reason Browbeat or Dash Hopes were never power cards.

Still, of the "opponent chooses a bad thing to happen to them" cards, it's fairly aggressively costed for the effect. Not the worst card ever.
Posted By: yesnomu (10/9/2010 9:36:42 PM)


Milliman: You're right sir.
Run this with Guul Draz Specter, Nyxathid and Quest for the Nihil Stone and it will be overkill. But I would'nt suggest to run a mbc deck with this as a set.
Posted By: jumpenrun (9/27/2010 6:17:09 PM)


id say run 4 of these and 4 liliana's caress. overkill.
Posted By: Briars (9/23/2010 6:23:11 PM)


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