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The little germ creature is in the sac ready to be shot out.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (2/2/2011 2:34:02 AM)



Never mind rogue decks, it's showing up in Caw Blade
Posted By: YoshiOfADown (4/16/2011 8:11:07 AM)


Why is everyone banging on about infect (dont get me wrong, I like infect) but infect creatures are too expensive to simply dish out of a cannon, only good for JUST as they are about to die, plus +1 toughness goes a long way on an infect creature.


Perilous Myr recursive combo - if you can find a way to repeatedly make PMs you can dish out 3 damage spread as you wish per pop, more value than infect.

ANYTHING with deathtouch for bringing down those evasive or bigboy creatures (titans/eldrazi etc) that must be stopped immediately - FLING 1 damage deathtouch.

I play 4 in a Glissa the Traitor deck - perilous myr, mortar it to kill creature with 3 or less toughness, Glissas ability resolves and brings myr right back to hand. Spare 4 mana? Rinse and repeat.

I also play it with mimic vat and acidic slime. Drop slime, it destroys target permanent, attach mortarpod, sling some deathtouch damage, drop it on mimic vat. Next round produce slime with mimic, it destroys ... (see all)
Posted By: MimikVat (4/19/2011 4:59:59 PM)


infects best friend

slap it on Core Prowler and you get 2 poison counters hoo ha!
Posted By: DoomCanoe (1/27/2011 6:13:20 PM)


This is vastly superior to what I originally thought it was.a

The ability to kill all your opponent's dinky little utility dorks is not to be underestimated.

My main problem with this card is the downright surreal disconnect there is that no matter how big the creature you sacrifice, its always 1 damage. I feel like it would have been more resonant if it was some manner of Fling variant, though I understand why that would be much harder for development to properly cost such a card and it might not even fit on the card.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (5/4/2011 5:33:38 PM)


worked well at the draft, would have prefered "damage equal to it's power" or "damage equal to it's toughness"

toughness would be better of course but beggers can't be choosers.
Posted By: supershawn (6/8/2011 5:56:39 AM)


If only this cost 1 to cast...then you could Trinket Mage it.
Posted By: coyotemoon722 (2/27/2011 10:15:09 PM)


If you had two or more of these equipped on one creature would it only deal 1 damage when you saced?
Posted By: Ackfu (3/20/2011 4:31:21 AM)


For a long time I found no use for this card, until I tried it once with draft and fell in love with it. This works great in an equipment deck combined with Puresteel Paladin and Kemba, Kha Regent. Free to equip the mortarpod to the tokens you get each turn and sac for extra damage.
Posted By: Thaifortune (6/26/2011 11:33:25 PM)


pair with sylvok lifestaff and/or basilisk collar and go crazy
Posted By: Chaka-K-Rock (8/21/2011 9:55:48 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!