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@MagicCritic: Yes, nobody uses artifacts anymore. It's not like affinity is an established archetype.
Posted By: Valashu (5/6/2013 11:21:40 PM)


I think MagicCritic's a troll. Calling Artifact decks terrible in all formats whilst using the no-longer-standard Lightning Bolt as an example of why he sucks should've been a given really. That, and Tezzy's not in standard either...

Man, some Planeswalkers though! This guy's like Elspeth Tirel, he only needs one turn and then it's game. Any halfway decent artifact deck without some unusual theme going on will easily have enough to wipe you from the face of the earth.

You can do a lot in that one turn though. This is why keeping a spell back for emergencies is always necessary.
Posted By: psychichobo (5/19/2013 3:36:46 PM)


That innocuous Ichorclaw Myr just became a VERY sizable threat.
Posted By: m00tzman (1/31/2011 1:00:55 PM)


The art is too freaking epic.

Yeah, he's a bit narrow. So what? It's better that way, imho. And he's still gonna kick butt.
Posted By: SolidSoldier (2/2/2011 11:28:42 PM)


Extremely potent, excellent finisher, and just under as powerful as the original Tez as far as conjuring up artifacts. He's not the combo-god that Tezzeret the Seeker was, but he's a clear threat in an artifact deck that has to be dealt with in 1-2 turns. He'll see at least some constructed play, and I'll be pretty damn surprised if he doesn't show up anywhere else. 5/5.

I love that Wizards is finally printing planeswalkers that don't fit in every deck. Jace2 was awesome, but I didn't like him being required for blue in Standard. Koth is my 3rd most hated after Elspeth, Knight-Errant, but only because people seem obsessed with running him in every red deck ever. Machine-Koth is what he was meant for, and don't you forget it!
Posted By: Ratoly (1/31/2011 6:57:37 AM)


When I first saw Tezz 2.0 I wasn't too impressed, his effect on Standard format seemed pretty minimal. Then I realized "Hey, wait. I play Legacy Affinity". It was at that point that I looked at him again and realized his -4 ability in fact reads "If you are playing Affinity, you win the game".
So while I'm not terribly impressed with him for standard format, he is almost the perfect planeswalker for Legacy format Affinity decks. If you play him and he sticks for just 1 turn, you win the game. Also, the fact that he can protect himself by tutoring up a creature or turning one of your artifact lands into a 5/5 blocker is rather awesome as well.
Great job on this one Wizards!
Posted By: Jin15 (2/2/2011 11:01:21 PM)


Oh no, he's far too narrow to see much play. After all, he only interacts with artifacts, and c'mon, it's not like anybody has ever done well playing an artifact-based deck. I mean, Nissa has a whole tribe of (mostly) green creatures to interact with, not a fundamental card type.

Seriously, Tezzeret's a BAMF. He can do things like animating Darksteel Citadel into a 5/5 indestructible artifact land creature. He enables Inkmoth Nexus to swing for five poison in the air. And all you need is five artifacts on the board for a 20-point life swing.

Yeah, he's good.
Posted By: Motion2Dismiss (2/3/2011 12:46:07 PM)


For about 2 weeks I thought his -1 was until the end of turn. oh boy did i take a beating when I finally faced this.
Posted By: Richard_Hawk (2/8/2011 1:06:29 PM)


Narrow? Tezzeret's home is Esper... Where nearly everything is infused with Etherium, even Tezz himself. Tezzeret lives for metal, it's what he does.
Posted By: koRnygoatweed (3/2/2011 10:10:35 AM)


Sarkhan/Tezzy, go get me a soda.
Sarkhan/Tezzy, I want to swing for 5 this turn with a cool creature. Can you hook that up?
Sarkhan/Tezzy, make them suffer.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (3/27/2011 3:18:45 AM)


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