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This just turned into a two turn clock in my grand architect deck with a Silver-Inlaid Dagger.
Posted By: Lazu (11/10/2011 12:50:56 AM)


Innistrad makes me realize with horror that this thing is a Human. Oh let me see...

Bonds of Faith
Curse of Stalked Prey
Elder Cathar
Hamlet Captain
Inquisitor's Flail
Mikaeus, the Lunarch
Silver-Inlaid Dagger

The best color combo seems to be WU. Cue budget Standard deck idea. http://www.mtgvault.com/ViewDeck.aspx?DeckID=279831

Silver-Inlaid Dagger has been mentioned before, but Bonds of Faith looks like the real winner here for sheer versatility.
Posted By: Nucleon (1/7/2012 4:32:22 AM)


This is my 3 color, no rare, no mythic infect deck and it consistently kills in 2-3 turns:
(I would run Reckless Charge instead of the souleaters if I had them)
4x Blighted Agent
4x Glistener Elf
4x Elvish Spirit Guide
4x Simian Spirit Guide
3x Immolating Souleater (currently use in case my infecters get picked-off early)
4x Groundswell
3x Giant Growth
4x Mutagenic Growth
4x Unstable Mutation
4x Assault Strobe
4x Teetering Peaks
8x Forest
10x Island
Posted By: PanzerDragoon (2/18/2012 8:25:52 PM)


Something tells me that I'm going to hate this card soon.
Posted By: TwoStars (4/28/2011 5:49:59 PM)


This card is dedicated to all those idiots out there who have said: "My deck is good enough. It doesn't need spot removal."
Posted By: dberry02 (5/2/2011 5:06:58 AM)


should be uncommon
Posted By: nimzo (5/10/2011 2:40:04 PM)


Tick... tock... tick... tock...
Posted By: CrazyLou (5/2/2011 9:37:38 AM)


I am hoping so hard that the "James Bond" nick-name will stick with this guy.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (4/28/2011 8:30:52 PM)


Should have been a... NINJA!
Posted By: Vividice (4/29/2011 8:35:11 AM)


Blue/Black Infect Control is looking increasingly ridiculous and silly.

I love Infect. It's the best keyword to come to town in quite a while.
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/8/2011 3:43:35 PM)


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