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Can Spellskite redirect Auras to itself? If so, my Aura deck is screwed.
Posted By: SgtSwaggr (9/23/2011 4:05:38 PM)


The horror
Posted By: Half-dead (1/5/2012 10:53:24 AM)


Nice job on the tricksiness, Malacator, but if that's the point you were tryin to make maybe you should have made it without teeth and claws?
Posted By: volkiteSerpenta (8/26/2013 8:37:23 AM)


did someone just play an eldrazi con***ion?
Posted By: Azrael1911 (5/2/2011 9:23:20 PM)


I severely underestimated this card. its really amazing. probably my favorite card in the set.
Posted By: krauser-gogetthegirl (5/16/2011 5:30:57 PM)


To Answer Philbo_the_Happy_Halfling's Desire I did a bit of digging, and here was the best that I found. I also posted it on Goblin Test Pilot

There is a way to INSTANTLY KILL an opponent with one of these. Practical? No, but neither is this.

Equip Spellskite with Darksteel Plate.
Enchant Spellskite with Druids Call and Soul Link
You now have a spellskite that you can pay 2 life, redirect a shock to, and you gain 2 life, and put two 1/1 squirrel tokens down.

Add Intruder Alarm
Tap Goblin Test Pilot to deal 2 damage to a target something
Pay 2 life, gain 2 life, put two tokens down, untap all creatures you control.
Infinite Squirrel tokens(:

Add pretty much any source of multi haste, or Sanguine Bond.
Posted By: Fiery_Artificer (8/13/2013 5:06:13 PM)


4.5, the Absolute best things about this card is the fact that it is shaped like a wall, but not actually a wall, he can wear swords, and protect from most burn, all for a 2 mana artifact that can go in every colour.
Posted By: Mattmedia (5/19/2011 4:56:05 AM)


If this card isn't a 5/5 in standard, NOTHING is!!!
Posted By: guardianbeastbreeder (5/22/2011 3:40:18 AM)


This card has quite a bit of potential. Like many have already said, it eats lightning bolts, pings, threatening abilities and annoying spot removal. But this card will really shine when people start to analyze its fun and long-term tactical applications. Indestructibility is an obvious choice, and shroud might have the ability of creating an illegal target for everything you don't agree with (I have no clue if this is a viable option). Slap a Leyline of Anticipation on the field at the beginning of the game and you have a turn-two creature-redirect, great for grabbing those pesky enemy auras you really want!

The art is very powerful. Just from the amazing imagery, I can imagine an equally powerful sound emanating from the horror; something similar to the HYPNOTOAD (Futurama reference) or a Slave I Sonic Mine Explosion (Star Wars reference). The vivid light creates a wonderfully dynamic composition and a sinister silhouette. Chippy has creat... (see all)
Posted By: FelixCarter (5/2/2011 1:13:52 AM)


Very good card. It's good in Spinter Exarch and Kiln fiend combo for protecting their bomb. It also hoses those two decks, infect-pump and shape anew/polymorph.

That's before you factor in combos with Livewire Lash or darksteel plate.
Posted By: Studoku (5/6/2011 4:47:15 AM)