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Remember that ardent recruit? He's a myr superion. lololololol
Posted By: God_Of_The_Smurfs (5/1/2011 8:32:04 AM)


Posted By: NuckChorris (8/15/2011 6:50:49 AM)


So. Apparently this card is the new Survival of the Fittest. interesting.

I preordered New Phyrexia, and this is the only card I sold. Elesh Norn I traded because someone with a fetish for Lady Gaga insisted on way overtrading to get it.

Now I need to find a Pod playset for under $20.00. if such a thing exists...
Posted By: DarthParallax (1/31/2012 2:24:51 PM)


Cute, but too slow. Cheating creatures into play is only really valuable if you can break the curve. Semi-useful for finding bullets though.
Posted By: EverJohnny (5/22/2011 10:06:43 AM)


Does birthing pod targeting phantasmal image mean that you won't get the pod ability?
Posted By: nayaftw (12/28/2013 3:45:21 PM)


I'm thinking about using this and Bloodbond March for tutoring your creatures and reanimating them. Maybe even use Necrogenesis to control your opponent's graveyard... Sounds quite funny.
Posted By: Narim (5/1/2011 1:27:13 PM)


t1, birds of paradise or llanowar elves
t2, alloy myr, or greenweaver druid, or awakener druid
t3, birthing pod, sac the 3 cmc creature for obliterator

Awakener druid lets you swing for 4 on turn 3 if you pay life for casting and using the pods abilities,
Greenweaver druid, or palladium myr lets you cast and use the pod without paying any life assuming you hit all 3 land drops.
Posted By: roguepariah (5/1/2011 4:49:21 PM)


My favorite card from the set... not even close to being OP - yet extremely fun to use.
Posted By: Kryplixx (5/4/2011 12:19:01 PM)


Hehehe... wait, did your Llanowar Elves just become a Superion?
Sure did.
... Well, then...
Posted By: FaltonOV (5/7/2011 1:32:54 PM)


This is a classic case of trading card advantage for tempo advantage. In the right deck; devastating.

Plus, the art for it is really awesome.
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/7/2011 3:55:57 PM)