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Like what Sir Malkin said, this card benefits your no matter what you get on top of the library. For creature deck you get more creatures, control deck you often get more life, and any deck benefits from more lands in play.
Posted By: Cyberium (7/7/2011 8:23:36 PM)


This thing made me win a few games on the release, it's gonna be a sure pick in limited!
Posted By: Fordin (7/16/2011 12:05:43 PM)


Isn't this an Onulet on the satchel?
Posted By: BVKnight (7/18/2011 6:32:23 AM)


I'm not sure how good it is, I'm just sure that it's very fun.
Posted By: TherealphatMatt (7/18/2011 5:05:53 PM)


This card fits so great in my Fungus/spore/saproling deck. Its like it was made specifically for it
Posted By: chewbacha (7/25/2011 8:07:46 AM)


The bag also resembles the design of the bag that the character Jen carried around in The Dark Crystal: http://www.yourfantasycostume.com/sites/yourfantasycostume.com/files/imagecache/width-200/images/the_world_of_the_dark_crystal_07.jpg.
Posted By: Dune_Echo (7/25/2011 10:15:17 AM)


A nice card.

However, I would have designed it as a cmc2 card with an activation cost of 3.
If the top card of your library is a creature card, it would be similar to: Jade Mage.
If it's a land card, the effect is similar to a Journeyer's Kite.
(And since it's duidic, it's ok that the land part outstands te other ones.)

For the non-land, non-creature part, I wouldn't insist on lifegain. In addition, I think R&D doesn't seem to know how to calculate the gain of life. Lifegain should be always better than dealing damage, since gaining life doesn't win you a game.

So for an activation cost of 3, I believe it would be best to gain life equal to the casting cost of the revealed card. Instead of life, I could imagine other effects, like tapping/untapping a permanent, put the revealed card at te bottom of your library for an additional bonus.

Nonetheless, this card is one of the best creations from R&D. This is a wonderful form of green intuition... (see all)
Posted By: Cheza (7/27/2011 6:02:06 AM)


I just realized that this card seems like crystal ball's big brother and the two actually work together really well. Scry a land to the top of your library then use the satchel to get an extra land-drop every turn.
Posted By: RedArcher (8/19/2011 2:05:13 AM)


limited: yes
booster draft: yes

regular 60 card deck, without limitations: i don't know

the saproling is nice, but it isn't a game changer unless you're already running a a token deck. the life gain is just a staller, and not even that good at that.
the land, however, is what really makes me consider putting this card in somewhere. an untapped land for 2 mana is insanely good, considering rampant growth will get it tapped.
it definitely seems to fit more in a deck that ISN'T built around mana ramp, since most mana ramp cards get them out of your deck. cards like oracle of mul-daya or vampire nocturnus can help predict what's on top, and one of my friends would usually use it at the end of my turn, then after he untapped it (before he drew), if he had a creature on top, to grab two saprolings.

again, really, really good in limited/booster draft, but not only a bit better than average anywhere else.

Posted By: CrowJonSnow (8/21/2011 8:09:13 PM)


Bears a shocking resemblance to Medicine Bag from Exodus.
Posted By: Ideatog (9/3/2011 2:48:35 PM)