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I really wanna play him, combined with venser he is an uber beasty. but seven mana? I am skeptical.. you do get a 6/6 flying body, and he trades with titans.. might be worth it.
Posted By: TheSwarm (7/9/2011 7:02:38 PM)


Compare this to Mold Demon. What would you rather have: a tutor or -2 Swamps?
Posted By: NuckChorris (10/5/2011 3:04:11 PM)


SICK looking demon.
Posted By: Deco_y (7/7/2011 9:27:48 PM)


Do you know how HELPFUL this guy was in the prerelease!?!?! I was playing black/red aggro and i put him down , used his ability to fetch me a fling. I only won rounds because of his fetching or by buffing my creatures up with slaughtercry and then flinging.
Posted By: Combolulz (7/10/2011 9:05:01 AM)


This is one of my new favorite guys to put on a mimic vat in my Teysa edh deck. a 6/6 flier and a tutor for 3 every turn? yes, pl0x.
Posted By: Strawb3rryPanic (7/17/2011 9:15:28 AM)


Splinter Twin...
Posted By: Jedijoe (10/8/2011 10:06:05 PM)


Wait. Stop.
Are you....*** ME?!?!?!

So, we start off with the 'boring part'- a 6/6 Flyer for 7. On a rare, that's a little under the curve, but hey, blame the Mythics for taking the sweet spots. Let's see what else he......HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!! The ultimate classic Demon Spell, just kinda TACKED ON?!? What are they charging for that on this guy? I'd pay about 4 for a 6/6 Flying Rare. So...Demonic Tutor now costs 3 mana. Which is one less than Diabolic Tutor. That's nice :)

No, this will not go into Vintage combo decks. This will serve a far nobler purpose: fetching other Demons in your Kaalia of the Vast 'let's break this *** in half' deck.

Fetch himself into Fetch himself again into Fetch himself again into Rakdos the Defiler or something else equally awful if you're playing not-singleton.

You play this guy. You just...do. Liliana Vess worships the ground this guy just curbstomped your face into.

I now want another reprint of Demonic Tutor with this guy's face... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/9/2012 7:11:43 PM)


Yo dawg, I heard you like bombs in limited and drafts, so we put a bomb in your bomb, so you can own your opponents while owning your opponent's in drafts/limited.

But seriousness, I really do like the card. Being a critter is nice too, for reanimation shenanigans.

Although, I'll have 3rd(?) the idea that this isn't really what a demon should be. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's kinda lame flavor-fully. It makes sense that it's blac, but demons are suppose to have some sort of draw back.(You're dealing with a demon, of course they should want something from you for their service.) But, I guess it's to appease those who're are too afraid of taking risks, which seems to be the majority...>_> Seriously Wizards, you all can't just make everything all ups and no downsides...

I give it a 4.5. It's solid, but the flavor is just too forgiving for a demon.(I guess it is possible to have "good" demons when you think about it...)

Something like Gutwrencher Oni is o... (see all)
Posted By: DragoKnight (7/22/2011 10:01:24 AM)


I love this card. A 6/6 flying with a built-in Demonic Tutor. No way you can go wrong.
Posted By: finulanu (11/4/2011 8:58:49 AM)


While this guy is great, he doesn't quite live up to what Angels have become. While White gets crazy cards like Iona and Baneslayer, we here at black are stuck with Demon of Death's Gate and Ob. Don't get me wrong, those two demons are great, but they're just pathetic in comparison.

At least dragons are starting to get theirs.
Posted By: DeathDark (7/9/2011 3:40:54 PM)