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What I like about this spell is that there's really no number that's completely unthinkable. 1WWW for a 2/2 token isn't great but it works in a pinch. 2WWW for two is a lot better. 3WWW for three 2/2's is right on the curve.

Very, very few X spells have that kind of flexibility.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (3/16/2011 8:38:11 PM)


Instant makes several combat tricks possible. Beside that it's an OK token creator. Sadly not fitting for any T2 deck.
Posted By: Vividice (1/28/2011 9:14:06 AM)


This card is the cat's meow!
Posted By: FragNutMK1 (1/27/2011 9:35:40 PM)


oh Mirrodin, I love you. To think I used to consider myself a dog lover...I can combo you with Phyrexian Rebirth and shuffle you back into my deck? Bring on the kitteh! Multiply kitteh!
Posted By: TheGreatJman (2/16/2011 5:59:34 PM)


Had a cat-themed deck in progress, this will fill it out quite nicely. Waves of cats!
Posted By: Mulder1013 (3/5/2011 6:04:32 PM)


with some ramp, it slots straight into my GW aggro (along with Accorder Paladin)
Posted By: o10vulcan010 (2/5/2011 1:15:30 AM)


Thundercats Ho!!!
Posted By: greg9381 (3/12/2011 7:24:23 PM)


Not to mention there 2/2's, in green white, you can really pump some mana into that X. While it may be less effective at lower costs sense its base cost is 3, but eventually you will get much more than you payed for.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (2/4/2011 9:41:55 AM)


Not a bad card, but compared to Black and Green this is overcosted.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (2/1/2011 7:53:31 PM)


Throw in the infinite mana myr combo and what you have is basically an infinite number of cats.

Which your opponent will then kill with Pyroclasm or Slagstorm.

OK, so it's not a perfect plan.
Posted By: count_dorku (2/22/2011 12:38:34 AM)