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Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (7/7/2011 8:50:55 PM)


Whoa, that guy's wielding a dire flail! Hardcore. Plus, that ability's just evil. Slap something on this guy to give him Shroud/Hexproof and laugh all the way to the bank, or until someone wipes the board.
Posted By: SirMalkin (7/7/2011 2:57:38 PM)


"Black, shut up. Red, shut the *** up. Blue... *** a clown."

- By order of the Grand Abolisher
Posted By: gongshowninja (7/17/2011 1:54:42 AM)


So, either counter him, or your won't be countering anything till you can remove him.
Oh, did I mention you get to remove him at sorcery speed?
Have fun with that.
Posted By: infernox10 (7/12/2011 1:38:37 AM)


Though this one is sideboard, it's still going to be a major problem in control v control matchups.

This has to be countered or you'll effectively lose 2-3 turns by gathering a bounce/counter and enough mana to do it together.
Posted By: sniper_ix (7/10/2011 12:43:44 PM)


Posted By: AngryMudkipz (1/17/2012 3:24:31 PM)


I'm surprised no one has mentioned that this card stops Mana Abilities. I'm not sure if that really matters to much because it stops everything else, but usually a card that reads: "can't activate abilities" always puts in: "unless they are mana abilities."

Insane to see this kind of power on a monocolor bear ...

Posted By: Zuty (7/11/2011 7:12:11 PM)


I still prefer the nice, fair old Dosan the Falling Leaf. This bro seems a little too much if you ask me.
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (7/11/2011 2:20:41 AM)


As a seasoned Blue Mage, I can tell you that an intelligent and skilled player should rarely have to lose a game. If you let the opponent play their hand, and counter only the major problems, you should be fine. I find that the second and third turn are the most important. What you do with these turns should be pivotal. That being said, I can tell you two things:

A) I like this card. It's a nice counterbalance to blue. Let's be honest- us blue mages sometimes get tired of winning all the time. Nice to see wizards lobbing us a challenge :)

B) Any self-respecting Blue player should be able to deal with this as easily as any other color. For me, there's Mana Leak (if I go first) and Unsummon if I didn't. Problem solved, that is, unless they play a Silence on my next turn. If it happens it happens. Like I said earlier, a blue mage is very powerful- nice to see them hosed, even from a blue players standpoint. Next time someone... (see all)
Posted By: StreamHopper (7/11/2011 10:49:38 AM)


I disagree with the statement that this "shuts down control." Any blue control deck worth its salt should have some form of bounce & counter to deal with this, and any white/black control deck has removal/creature kill. Red can simply bolt it on his/her own turn, and green probably isn't playing instants besides fog anyway.
Posted By: DlCK (7/8/2011 12:01:52 PM)


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