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Avabruck has been taken over by Werewolves. They're basically all Werewolves there, so of course the Mayor is too-- actually, this guy is rare. Maybe--hang on for a sec-- this guy is either not quite Amazing enough to warrant Commander Status- he would definitely have his fans no doubt, but would he compare favorably to Skithyrix, the Blight Dragon? nah. I think that occasionally we get rares of cards that are technically displaying a specific person, but don't qualify for Legendary for some reason or other.
A Rare Legendary should be able to compare to a non-Legendary Mythic. This guy is great as a normal Rare, but doesn't feel like he could shoulder the burdens of expectations from Legendary Status.
On top of all that, Lords are better as non-Legendary, low-mana, +1/+1s rather than Legendary medium-mana +more/+more. a Legendary +1/+1 wouldn't be good enough. This guy actually answers lots of strange design questions, but I think there is only one Mayor of Avabruck, and they let ... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (10/14/2011 7:32:46 AM)


The only way this guy gets flipped in standard is against birthing pod or late game stall
Posted By: mlanier131 (9/24/2011 9:29:03 PM)


Is it just me, or is this the only creature that gives all (other) Humans +1/+1.
Posted By: ax_morph (10/22/2011 4:50:47 PM)


I'd vote for him.
Posted By: Hackworthy (2/1/2012 1:10:47 AM)


this card is ridic in limited and i'm shocked it never made it to a constructed deck, this card punishes bad hands so bad .
Posted By: Mindbend (3/10/2012 1:36:17 PM)


A riddle:
You make and stack a deck of basic lands and a single creature. Your goal is to take out a goldfish as quickly as possible. How fast can you kill your opponent?
This and Markov Blademaster can perform a satisfying kill of the goldfish in just 6 turns. What are the other creatures that can kill by turn 6? Is anything faster?
Posted By: kiseki (3/13/2012 5:39:54 PM)


This guy is a beast, he works in all the ways the Huntmaster fails; providing synergies all hours of the day for us hairy wolf types.
Posted By: Kasmodian (3/20/2012 1:58:32 PM)


So when he transforms back into a human, does he fix the window everytime XD!!
For real tho, this guy is a monster threat for 2 mana. If he ever flips, he starts pooping out 3/3 for free every turn.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (3/26/2012 12:41:26 AM)


Great explanation on why it should not be legendary we can read, @Darth...
the problem is, it's the freaking mayor. come on, don't tell me you can bare with two of them
Posted By: joker53 (4/7/2012 7:21:44 AM)


This guy is a boss, with him it is possible to attack for 7 on turn 3:
Turn 1: Copperline Gorge, Reckless Waif
Turn 2: A Land, this guy
Turn 3: Attack, Moonmist

Granted, this requires some luck, but it's Magic and if you're not playing blue or drege, all you have is luck. Even if this doesn't happen he is still an auto 4 of in any werewolf deck and can be in some pretty lolzy token decks.

Posted By: HappyJackington (9/20/2012 8:30:53 PM)