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Wizards has not forgotten you, dredge.
Posted By: d-101 (9/23/2011 8:47:42 PM)


The Phatasm comes out at the gaming table and the other players are like, "Cute, so how long do you I'm going to allow your Laboratory Maniac to live hmm?"
But I say, "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening to you whilst I cytoshaped your big bad Colossus into another Phantasm."
"Oh yeah, well I'm not gonna use it."
"Too bad, Act of Aggression."
Posted By: RATZGobbler (10/28/2011 12:59:42 AM)


Shouldn't be mythic UNLESS. . . cruel and inhumane combos to be released as the block goes on?


Wanna turn his ability into more of a flicker-to-save-from-removal? Use with wheel of sun and moon.
Posted By: DragonicSphinx (9/23/2011 10:44:49 PM)


Mark Rosewater mentioned that this card was designed by Richard Garfield. It does look unconventional compared to the dumbed-down simplified designs we've gotten used to in recent years. I wonder how much time R&D spent trying to figure out if this card can be broken in half.
Posted By: TrueKitsonga (9/22/2011 9:13:43 PM)


This works PERFECT in a self mill deck with Labaratory Maniac. EPIC
Posted By: GoblinGnarlid12 (11/19/2012 6:16:32 AM)


My favorite card from the set. Such a unique and widely utilizable ability.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (9/22/2011 9:07:41 PM)


@ Gcrudaplaneswalker
What are you talking about? Why would bazaar trader ever work with this card in any way? It's a 5 mana 5/1 flying u can't kill that gets cards in your graveyard for all the graveyard abilities that innistrad revolves around.
Posted By: Gahoojin (9/23/2011 5:12:37 PM)


I've used this guy's ability 5 times.
3 of those times, he milled me down below 4 cards.
One of those times, he was the very last card.

I swear to you, this card is cursed.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (10/17/2011 2:24:50 PM)


funny how one of the most interesting cards design-wise was designed by Richard Garfield. :)
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/23/2011 8:48:32 PM)


I really like this guy, but not with a self mill in mind.

Ever hear of Warstorm Surge?
Posted By: iSpudger (2/3/2012 4:41:37 PM)