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Cheap and effective. I don't see any problem with this card, especially since they can potentially stack. Put one on a Goblin Fireslinger and have some good fun.
Posted By: Knick_Knack (11/5/2011 11:30:52 AM)


I wonder if they have left out the magical word "combat" on purpose.
4/5 for combat damage. 5/5 for pinging damage as well.
Posted By: burntup (12/5/2011 6:56:22 AM)


Gelectrode in U/R burn loves this. You shoot your opponent, draw, and if it's an instant or sorcery you play it and do it again.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/5/2011 7:25:25 PM)


Things Innistrad Taught Me, part XVII: the most curious creature is Invisible Stalker.

Posted By: Salient (2/2/2012 5:41:53 PM)


Hellrider likes it as well.
Posted By: eskan (2/4/2012 7:13:45 AM)


If Niv Mizzet is reprinted next block...
Posted By: Endomarru (4/9/2012 12:28:58 AM)


Awesome card, awesome art.
Posted By: blindloyalty (4/23/2012 1:41:27 PM)


Should I enchant Black Cat with it?
Posted By: Cyberium (5/5/2012 4:07:52 PM)


My casual Izzet counterburn deck, with Gelectrode and Guttersnipe, had been missing ways to amass decent card draw. I put a few of these in there, and problem solved. It went from a mediocre deck to a powerhouse.
Posted By: Totema (11/5/2012 7:23:07 PM)


One of the few auras that's easily playable without being at too much risk of the 2-for-1 situation that many auras encounter. Simply put, you can cast it when you're pretty sure they won't be able to kill the creature in response (ie. they're tapped out), and at a time when that creature is going to be able to connect. Do that - and given that blue is the primary color of unblockable creatures and fliers, it shouldn't be too hard - and you'll effectively cantrip the aura, meaning that even if they can kill the creature when they untap, you won't suffer card disadvantage. If they allow it to get any more hits in, then that's card advantage off a one mana spell.

In short, very powerful for the mana cost.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (12/15/2012 10:32:14 PM)


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