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Wizards thinks that they can quash the tremendous theft epidemic in EDH. Well, to them I say, there have been very good reasons to run land destruction in every EDH deck way before now.

Aside from that, this card literally did make me ROFL as soon as I saw it spoiled.

Now I must take more drastic measures.

P.S. I personally think that this card should've been worded "When Homeward Path becomes tapped, each player gains control of all creatures he or she owns." so that to further the righteous cause even more so. (and to force me to take even more drastic measures)
Posted By: Enchantment_Removal (6/16/2011 2:57:30 PM)


I wish this didn't exist.
Posted By: IUHoosier (3/28/2012 11:24:12 PM)


Will this work on mind control?
Posted By: OutlawD1 (7/16/2011 7:03:16 PM)


Yes! This must be a sign that Wizards is going to begin production of a series of Simon & Garfunkel-themed cards! Finally my dream is fulfilled!

... Yeah it was a stretch, but Homeward Bound is my favorite song, so I had to.
Posted By: TheLionsMane (8/10/2011 10:40:03 AM)


A blight on the format that I really did not like to see printed.

To start with, it's another staple. There is literally no reason not to run this over a basic land. Not a major problem to begin with but as a blatant cash grab Wizards chose to only print this in one of the precons. Congratulations- any deck built by someone who bought that precon is better than the same deck built by someone who hasn't. Saying that Wizards don't profit from rare expensive cards being sold as singles is one thing, but in this case Wizards are actually selling the card.

It also nulifies an entire strategy and renders several cards useless. Honestly, I wasn't a fan of blatant thievery and I'd have been glad to see insurrection banned but there are many other control effects that I enjoyed to see play. Same goes for stealing from other people's graveyards- there's no point when you're just giving that player a creature.

Yes, I see the argument that this can be a... (see all)
Posted By: Studoku (7/18/2011 6:51:40 PM)


Starke of Rath
Posted By: BonniePrinceCharlie (4/20/2012 6:09:02 PM)


If you Mind Control a creature and this ability is activated, do you lose the creature? Or does the Mind Control continue to apply? I think the latter.
Posted By: djflo (6/23/2011 11:08:11 PM)


@infernox: Why are you giving people good stuff that you would need to take back. You should be giving them Steel Golem and trying to screw them over, or giving them useless mana artifacts like Foriysian Totem when they aren't playing red.
Posted By: PeabodyET (7/12/2011 9:08:49 AM)


Wow, I'm really surprised at all the hate directed at this card. I had no idea it (apparently) had such far-reaching implications for some peoples' games. Personally I think it's a very well designed card, that second ability could definitely stand to have an actual cost attached to it. But that's not nearly as fun, right? ;D
Posted By: Goatllama (8/16/2012 3:43:58 PM)


I'm not really down with this set. The cards are all harder to . . . *puts on aviators* . . . acquire.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (10/12/2012 4:28:45 PM)