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Zombies own u. Vampires used to be cool in magic, then they printed Sorin and made him their fanboi for everything black. I'd like Twilight not to influence my view of vampires, but Sorin has this faux white hair that's swept over his brow in the way all the schoolkid posers do it. I'm done with it.

Zombies on the other hand, are awesome, and they're much more personable and human than people give them credit for. Just look at Korlash, Heir to Blackblade, Thraximundar, Haakon, Stromgald Scourge, Lord of Tresserhorn and the list goes on.

This is a great reason to play a zombie deck, or even one with just a few and maybe some repeatable token generation. Locking the board out of creatures usually means that your opponents can't win until they deal with it.
Posted By: Justice1337 (8/22/2011 2:35:38 PM)


Unfortunately Grave Titan isn't a zombie, and if he was this card would be much more powerful.
Posted By: Kitty_the_Kat (8/24/2011 11:01:59 PM)


It's not just that. It's because The Abyss is extremely old. Any card from sets that are that old that have a decently high demand will cost a crapload. Look at the power nine for example.

Also, the drawback is not marginally problematic. It means that if your opponent board wipes, then your enchantment is gone. There's a built-in work-around. With the abyss, you have to kill it with enchantment removal. It's not gonna go away just because you have nothing left and decide to board wipe.

There's another reason for it too. The abyss can be used as a control card which says 'you sacrifice a creature each turn'. You don't need cards to support it. This card forces you into zombies, and it forces you to play creatures.

MASSIVE difference.
Posted By: SAUS3 (6/18/2013 12:06:55 PM)


Actually, it makes the player sac the creature. It doesn't target the creature, so you're dead wrong. Not even giving yourself hexproof from something like a Witchbane Orb, would stop the effect.
Posted By: Deadling (9/15/2013 10:43:38 AM)


Lots of fun with Grave Betrayal
Posted By: BlackDoveProphet (10/7/2013 2:57:21 PM)


"I call you all to the grave!"
"*Sigh* Fine."
"What? You're all in the grave? Ok, I guess I don't need to be here any more then..."
Posted By: MCcreator (10/24/2013 12:56:58 PM)


This card is just not the same without the old art old frame :(
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/4/2013 8:26:12 PM)