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@doragon i lol'd

Does anyone know if the blue cost of the flashback makes the second one count as a blue spell? Kind of obscure hope someone can shed light.
Posted By: patronofthesound (11/9/2012 2:51:04 PM)



No, Feeling of Dread is still white, no matter how you cast it. All of the flashback spells are the color of their original casting cost, not the flashback cost. For example, this card can still tap Scryb Ranger on both sides, while neither side can tap Knight of Infamy. Frazzle can be used to counter it, but Guttural Response cannot target it.
Posted By: CapnShapiro (11/26/2012 7:12:03 AM)


Use with Tamiyo, the Moon Sage with the second ability to tap four creatures and draw at least four cards. I want her ultimate, but cards can be useful, too, especially if I think they'll be blowing her up asap (and they probably will).
Posted By: Nigrescence (2/21/2013 1:16:33 AM)


i think this card is better than most people give it credit. i have been playing esper control with 4 of these. i was playing around with kill spells but now ive taken them all out for these. feeling of dread prevents more damage early game than murder or ultimate price and the creatures that you didnt kill will just eat supreme verdict/terminus any way.
Posted By: spartan7023 (3/10/2013 9:32:08 AM)


I'd be feeling the dread if there were a tree made of Storm Crow right behind me.
Posted By: akubaking (3/15/2013 11:47:41 AM)


And then the Nightbird struck Nightbird's Clutches
Posted By: TowerDefender (5/7/2013 2:35:55 PM)


When players are doing their deckbuilding, cards like this can often be overlooked. Tapping creatures isn't flashy or glamorous, and the fact that the effects are temporary will often discourage players into looking for more permanent removal spells like Path to Exile or Condemn.

In actuality, a card like Feeling of Dread has incredible potential simply because it has so much versatility. Tapping two creatures for two mana is an excellent deal, and doing it at Instant speed makes this effect so much more valuable. Aggro hates being tapped down, Midrange hates being tapped down, even Control hates getting its blockers and finishers tapped down.

"Your Serra Angel is vigilant you say? Oh that's simply dreadful."

My own White/Blue deck makes use of this card to an amazing extent. Early game it can buy me enough time to develop my board while my opponents are locked down, and midgame it allows creatures like Tande... (see all)
Posted By: Ataraxiom (4/29/2014 12:01:00 AM)


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