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With all the new 'enter the battlefield' effect cards, this card is really great. Also good for re-arranging soulbond cards. 5/5
Posted By: koopashell (4/29/2012 5:56:57 AM)


This card allows for so many tricks it's hilarious. I know that if I'm running white, I want this card in my deck. It's just so useful for so many things.

Posted By: Thymidine (4/26/2012 11:23:27 PM)


White: Counter target removal spell. Very, very useful card.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (5/5/2012 9:06:56 PM)


1. Removal-Counterspell whether it's Doom Blade or Mind Control.

2. Recuring enters the battlefield effects (possibly end of turn!) Hello Primeval Titan!

3. Soulbound-Enabler.

4. Persist/Undying reset (removing the counters). Even works with Gideon Jura :D

5. Untapping for a sneaky block!

6. The wording allows permanent Creature stealing with Threaten et al.

7. Beeing Instant means: Permanent exiling with Fiend Hunter,Leonin Relic-Warder and Faceless Butcher.

Posted By: Vividice (4/26/2012 5:10:32 PM)


Oh, you want to target my Thraben Doomsayer with Victim of Night?
LOL nah, it's ok.
Posted By: Ferlord (5/3/2012 8:18:43 PM)


@Ligerman30: Why you are wrong: 400.7. An object that moves from one zone to another becomes a new object with no memory of, or relation to, its previous existence.

There are 7 exceptions to this and none would apply to an instant like doom blade.

As example, I have cast a Tormented Soul, it is now on the Battlefield and is the first Tormented Soul to enter the Battlefield this game, so we shall call it Tormented Soul 1. You target Tormented Soul 1 with Doom Blade. In response i use Cloudshift to Exile Tormented Soul 1. It has left the Battlefield zone and is now in the Exile zone. It then returns to the Battlefield Zone as a new object, Tormented Soul 2, the second Tormented Soul to enter the Battlefield this game. Because the target object of Doom Blade no longer exists it is sent to your graveyard without effect.
Posted By: Omnitographer (8/31/2012 1:07:10 AM)


Snapcaster might be good for Standard format, but it's surpassed in other formats by...

Isochron Scepter. Add Artifact untapping and...
Posted By: Diachronos (5/5/2012 4:26:27 AM)


Delayed Return 2W
Creatures don't enter the batllefield until stack is empty.

Posted By: EsquireRu (4/26/2012 8:19:26 PM)


@Vividice: I don't understane #7 the permanent exiling bit, please pardon my blank stare. can someone please explain
Posted By: Speednat (4/30/2012 6:13:31 PM)


Strictly worse than Flicker but damn good nonetheless。3/5
Posted By: Kodanshi (4/2/2014 6:37:23 PM)


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