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Tbis card could find a home in any deck that runs a stable amount of green, 5/5 best card out of AVR that doesn't have to be all broken and mythic... snatch foils and foreign language ones fast, this guy will be a work horse in Standard AND Modern
Posted By: Halidir_Orveck (4/27/2012 2:43:08 AM)


I guess it can be ok to help out teammates in a 2HG game who are colorscrewed. But so does a fertile ground, and that one accelerates mana to boot.
Posted By: majinara (4/26/2012 4:09:35 PM)


Hey, this card doesn't suck!
Posted By: BagsMcpiper (5/4/2012 10:34:26 AM)


Help: According to my charm If I have understood Earth
I Can Give 2 mana you already have and the avilidad of this enchantment
or I have to choose The Enchantment or that I have?

Rulings: The land retains Any Other Abilities it has.

As land is getting a skill that is my question?
Posted By: MiauAtt4k (5/7/2012 9:35:17 AM)


I had misread this all release day and so did others; we had misread it as a super-powered Wild Growth.
It cycles itself for cheap so it's still pretty good. But I had liked the mistaken version.
Posted By: Conefed (5/10/2012 9:03:21 AM)


Despues de el encantador, mas tarde tu Terra tiene dos abilidades. Tu puedes elegir por utilizar la abilidad primer, o puedes elegir por utilizar la nueva. Solo una.

This seems awesome, like an auto 4-of in any deck running green. Though I bet more land destruction will show up what with Cavern of Souls and all.

I actually know a friend with a deck that prefers Lush Growth over Abundant Growth: a Naya deck with lots of Wild Nacatls, Loam Lions, and Kird Apes.
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (5/23/2012 2:23:38 AM)


Am I the only one who totally thought this card gave you an extra mana in addition to what the land already produces? Still, solid as a cheap fixer that draws a card.
Posted By: Potdindy (6/15/2012 11:19:37 PM)


Did somebody say Arbor Elf?
Posted By: ChildOfPrometheus (8/12/2012 5:14:59 PM)


Fantastic for multi-colored decks. The cantrip makes it even better.
Posted By: rollinsclone (8/26/2012 9:18:14 AM)


This is how a mana-fixer should be.

Celestial Prism weeps quietly in the corner.
Posted By: rambocop (8/27/2012 12:59:21 AM)