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Fun EDH combo: Goldnight Commander + Mycoloth + Doubling Season

P1: "Okay, so how many tokens is that?"
P2: "20"
P1: "...and all of your creatures - "
P2: "Get +20/+20 until end of turn, yes."
P1: "...damn."
P2: "I know, right?"

Add in Gavony Township for extra satisfaction.
Posted By: Arthalagos (9/23/2012 8:27:34 PM)


Anagram of "matched gold morning" and "command golden girth".
Posted By: RunedServitor (11/17/2012 3:56:30 AM)


Budget friendly shenanigans: Anger in the graveyard, Goldnight Commander in play, and Thopter Assembly. The upkeep following Thopter Assembly entering the battlefield: attack with five 6/6 flying thopters, and a 7/7 Goldnight Commander (plus you can recast the orignal Thopter Assmebly for even more damage).
Posted By: HunkeyMunky (11/17/2012 12:22:17 PM)


How to do maximum damage with Goldnight Commander as fast as possible:
Turn 1: Play Champion of the Parish
Turn 2: Play Ballyrush Banneret
Turn 3: Play another Ballyrush Banneret and then Goldnight Commander
Turn 4: Play Captain of the Watch

This will in round 4, ONLY (if all creatures are unblocked) deal 29 damage.
If you attack all turns and go unblocked you will together damage a amount of 34 damage.
Posted By: Due (4/16/2013 12:29:45 PM)


Run him as your command.

..aw shit!
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/16/2013 11:46:47 AM)


Striking the same pose as Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Posted By: Mirrordin_Pure (7/18/2013 9:46:35 PM)


Time to Assemble the Legion
Posted By: roguepariah (8/6/2013 8:55:02 AM)



I prefer:

Turn 1: Forest - Avacyn's Pilgrim
Turn 2: Forest - Champion of Lambholdt
Turn 3: Mountain - Goldnight Commander
Turn 4: Thatcher Revolt

Same 29 damage on turn 4, but all unblockable by creatures with less than 8 power (which at this point should be everything except your Champion). Can also add a land and play a Gather the Townsfolk after the Thatcher to bump it up to 37 damage unblockable by creatures with less than 12 power.
Posted By: 13lackRose (9/10/2013 10:36:04 AM)