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Could capture the damage and focus it on stuffy doll :)
Posted By: Buderus (6/5/2012 4:50:28 PM)


I have a question that seems to have no answer yet and hope someone can clear this for me. Let me keep it simple, the card states that it prevents damage to all my permanents correct? Now say an opponent uses Pyroclasm and i had 3 creatures (for simplicity sake there 2/2's). Now i cast Divine Deflection paying (2)W to prevent the 2 damage to all my creatures. Now my question, does this card deal damage equal to what I payed and deals 2 damage to target creature or player? Or does it deal damage equal to what i prevented in which my case would be 6 damage? Seeing as the card does not say one way or the other, does not say deal damage equal to what i prevented, but on the flip side it does not say this card deals X damage to target creature or player where X is the converted mana cost(what you paid for). Someone gave a similar example but didn't say how much he payed for the cards cost. Thanks for reading me out.
Posted By: Dekna (10/2/2012 8:11:59 AM)



Except this prevents damage from multiple targets to multiple different creatures and you at the same time. It also lets you choose where the burn goes. A lot of times I'd rather kill a creature with this than burn a player.
Posted By: Doom_Lich (12/12/2012 10:51:22 AM)


Considering tossing this in with my Stonehorn Dignitary.

After stalling the combat phase for a few turns, I could feign having run out of bounce/flicker effects.

The opponent swings all out, using the first combat phase available in a while.


I love the surprise factor this has over Vengeful Archon, and that it can target creatures. Yup, definitely considering hunting myself down a couple copies.
Posted By: BastianQoU (12/25/2012 11:30:32 PM)


This pretty much makes Captain's Maneuver scrap paper.
Posted By: dhinge (1/5/2013 5:55:41 PM)


Assuming the following: Player 1 has 3 life, Player 2 also has 3 life. Player 1 attacks player 2 for 6 damage, none of which gets blocked, but player 2 uses Divine Deflection to prevent 3 damage, and redirects it to player 1... do both players lose? Or does player 2 lose? Not even get a chance to play this card?
Posted By: popepeter (1/29/2013 1:14:23 PM)


I dont understand if the second rule says if the target is illegal the whole spell is countered and the last rule says if the target is illegal its still prevents the damage idk?
Posted By: Marok23 (8/17/2013 5:20:23 AM)



From what I understand, the card prevents X damage divided as you choose among yourself and your permanents. I believe they would have said "and/or each permanent you control" if they had intended for it to work the way you were describing. For your pyroclasm example this means that you can prevent two damage divided as you choose among yourself and your creatures. You would also deal two damage to a target creature or player.
Posted By: Cacia (8/22/2013 12:41:35 PM)


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